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wish twitter worked with IE6. :(
@calliean sweet dreams!
long time no tweet, ay? i've had my hands full dealing with my father's estate. (he passed away in february). working at not stalling here!
@ggw_bach there's something called tweetstats too. :)
My Twitteristics: Tweets 3X as much as the Twitter founders(6.6/day), Very Engaging(64%), Good Connector(15%)!
@jeezjon you gone yet, oh mellow one?
#followfriday: @buffyfest, @TYDTWDay, @BFAS, @HSUS, and @HWAC becoz animals need love too.
@calliean it hates me, too. :(
@poplollies lol; sleep well. :)
@feelgoodguru you too, chica. :)
Recommended @feelgoodguru to @MrTweet 'she's happy, healthy, positive, and helps keep me motivated to be the same.'
Recommended @HumaneSociety to @MrTweet 'it's a good resource for staying abreast of what's new with animal health &...'
Recommended @nsmithmorgan to @MrTweet 'she posts great links and is very knowledgeable. also nice. :)'
Recommended @rachelcw to @MrTweet 'she's always positive and knows her stuff.'
@jeezjon :) sorry for that. hope it wasn't too awful.
RT @edrafalko Let's see you guys bid to help @mariancall!
@houseofprince oh, sweetheart, don't ask why. you'll only make yourself crazy. i'm so sorry for your loss and that of your friend. hugs.
boy, when twitter goes wonky, it does so spectacularly. :( most unshiny.
I just updated my Squidoo page: Gargoyles /
@AngelaWB i'm glad your day went better, and i hope today is fantastic. :) xo

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