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@KimKardashian @kim are you into politics
Lol BITCH the Internet will literally end you should of never copied Michelle's speech
I'm now a D-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. You can be famous too by playing on Android!
Why am I receiving mysterious inbox msgs about a picture and when I try to see it it says the page is unavailable..dis is not funny
@gossipgirl I swear I loved this show.sorry it had to come to an end....I really enjoyed every last episode of it
Its like 5 in the morn and I can't muthafuqqiun sleep
@aguywithnolife OMFG ikr who names a baby girl north west
Who names their child north a baby girl OMFG that's no fcking cool
@Kiimkardishian nice name weird but nice
Tryna get a guy's attention..Pointer:Boys want what other boys have....(If u get it) ;)
I love u not because of who u r but who I am when I'm with u whenever I'm with yu its like everyone else disappears and its juss me and u
I be fucking balling til the day I fall
Яαкαуℓα is boring
Ι'м on the fone wit мү baby
I feel fuh de suckas that gotta go ta sкεωℓ

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