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@erinspice what is cloud bread?
@lilmissqui word.. we need this W today
@KT_NS @Whodat_chic who dat!!
@lilmissqui what's good with ya
Let's go @Saints
@12kyle @PumpsAndGloss @_VincentS @RayyLive @maylady84 @tyronem @proactiff @SavvyAtlGirl @Krishna_TheSage morning
@12kyle @RayyLive @maylady84 @tyronem @proactiff @PumpsAndGloss @_VincentS @SavvyAtlGirl @Krishna_TheSage good morning
I personally think @blackthought is one of the most slept on MCs
A New episode of WODs, Wellness and Woes podcast is in the cloud. #fitness #nutrition #paleo…
@proactiff @PumpsAndGloss @_VincentS @tyronem @SavvyAtlGirl @12kyle @RayyLive @Krishna_TheSage @maylady84 good morning
@12kyle @RayyLive @proactiff @PumpsAndGloss @SavvyAtlGirl @Krishna_TheSage @maylady84 @tyronem @_VincentS good morning
@jimjfletcher @City_of_Mobile lol.. what.makes you say that? You mean like airport Blvd?
@tiffani tiff!! What's been up fam?? How is everything?
@jimjfletcher @City_of_Mobile lol it's the mobile way.. they will probably just build another service road and called it resolved
@KendrickJFarris what's up Kendrick!
@jimjfletcher @City_of_Mobile dual projects sir... It's the only way!!!
@BrittStreet that was hilarious
@City_of_Mobile what's the timeline?
Hell of a catch

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