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On page 306 of 704 of Einstein, by Walter Isaacson https://t.co/LMbBsI1mjJ
4 of 5 stars to The Bhagavad Gita by Anonymous https://t.co/bG2Q8RDHCx
Channeled my father yesterday as I sat on the couch reading with Xena: Warrior Princess muted on the tv. Almost wrestling with the sound off
3 of 5 stars to How Yoga Works by Michael Roach https://t.co/CYRQOpez1T
3 of 5 stars to The Happiness Project (Revised Edition) by Gretchen Rubin https://t.co/TDTC9gMhgb
On page 202 of 368 of The Happiness Project (Revised Edition), by Gretchen Rubin https://t.co/ygkY4ATptf
Me: I'm grumpy today - don't really have a reason to be. Husband: well...you're at work, aren't you?
RT @Ouch49: Maybe our country's real problem is that anyone smart enough to be POTUS is too smart to WANT to be POTUS.
@Ouch49 Wish I could "heart" this twice.
Is it weird to have anxious dreams about not being able to sleep? 😴
@Ouch49 My husband has informed me that the birthday must be removed from the living room...as it creeps him out.
@Ouch49 got the birthday card-so funny! I think I still have those glasses.
That last question was straight out of survivor tribal council #debate #notadebate #realitytvelection
@AlecBaldwin are you ready for your close up? #debates #notadebate
PLEASE, Just answer the question. #debates #notadebate
RT @Palaver_Journal: Palaver is looking for submissions! We accept art, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, multi-media, and academic musings. htt…
On page 91 of 406 of How Yoga Works, by Michael Roach https://t.co/cG5ntMEkIo
Perch 11x17 Photograph by kniceartworks: 50.00 USDTitle: PerchSize: 11x17 (borderless)Currently on display in ... https://t.co/JXCBI1EZiw
On page 58 of 237 of Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott https://t.co/XAa2eDzInQ
On page 98 of 512 of Oracle Bones, by Peter Hessler http://t.co/JuucKYF4gb

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Jewelry artist, new to etsy... I love being inspired by my surroundings.

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