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@Tuguntke Hello Michael, we hope you enjoyed your flight despite the inconvenience experienced. We hope to see you soon on board again.
@by_sofie tot de lounge kan je hier vinden: Kunnen we je verder nog ergens mee van dienst zijn? <<
@by_sofie Als Flying Blue Silver-deelnemer kun je tegen betaling gebruik maken van de lounge op Schiphol, Sofie. Meer over de toegang >>
@Khonje9 If you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know. <<
@Khonje9 taking longer for Customer Care to respond. They have received it however accordingly and will get in contact with you soon. >>
@Khonje9 Hello Allan, we understand that the situation is far from ideal. However, due to exceptional circumstances it is >>
@AlexMcmain and Found department at Heathrow. We hope you'll find your ultimate ears :-)
@AlexMcmain Thank you Alex for the compliment! But unfortunately our team didn't find your ultimate ears. It is best to contact the Lost >>
@Voogeltje Dat is inderdaad vreemd, Jelmer. We gaan er achteraan!
@AlexMcmain Unfortunately we didn't found your item, Alex. We therefore advise you to contact the Schiphol Lost & Found department. Thanks.
@RoboticEwe We understand you are not satisfied about the answer given but unfortunately we cannot inform you differently, Joe.
@L_res >> any questions or if you need assistance, please let us know.
@L_res >> can find more information about fees and surcharges during booking at . If you have >>
@garybassmd Please Gary, follow us so we can send you Direct Messages as well :-)
@L_res >> confusion and disappointment this may cause, and are investigating the possibilities to make this extra check superfluous. You >>
@L_res >> availability. It is indeed possible that in the meantime the last available seat at that fare was sold. We are aware of the >>
@L_res >> fare on our website actually makes a booking. When you either confirm your booking, the software performs a double check on the >
@L_res Hello, the current booking process on can be done in 2 different steps. Not everyone who clicks on a >>
@amyTWLE Thank you! Let us know if we can help book your flights or give you some travel tips ;)
@BartoszOfficial Why wouldn't you, Bartosz! We are sure there will be some beautiful skies that then can be seen :-)

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