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@mpfamily2000 Thank you Mohamed, we'll get back to you shortly. Please delete the images as it contains personal information.
@JustSayinNL We hebben een deal ;-)
@mpfamily2000 And can you please send us your booking code in a Direct Message, so we can have a closer look? Thank you in advance. <<
@mpfamily2000 Hello Mohamed, that sounds very unfortunate. Are you able to send us a copy of the receipt of your purchase? >>
@yahysa0d You're welcome, let us know if we can be of further assistance.
@yahysa0d MSQ-AMS 0930-1110 OPERATED BY B2867, KL 411 24SEP AMS-DMM 1430-2135. <<
@yahysa0d Hello Sultan, for them it is: KL3086 19SEP MSQ-AMS 0930-1110 OPERATED BY B2867, KL 553 19SEP AMS-CAI 2110-0230+1, KL3086 24SEP >>
@doublewidesfly You're welcome, Rocky. Enjoy our services!
@jessicarosca That's great to hear, Jessica ;-)
@JorgensenAaron Good question, Aaron. We'll get back to you about that as soon as possible.
@yahysa0d For you Sultan, this is your current itinerary: KL3086 19SEP MSQ-AMS 0930-1110, KL 553 19SEP AMS-CAI 2110-0230+1.
@JorgensenAaron Yes we do have movies and tv shows on our intercontinental flights, Aaron.
@yahysa0d Unfortunately not, Sultan. As explained in our previous tweet. The new conditions don't allow any changes.
@jessicarosca We couldn't said it any better, Jessica. Chase your dreams, and maybe we can call you our colleague any time soon ;-)
@weaponuk1 We just reissued the ticket, Brian! You are now on the KLM flights KL876 and KL1097. They depart at 12:05 and 21:15.
@Am__king flight dates, what kind of flexibility you'd like to have. Please share it with us through Direct Message. <<
@Am__king Hello Amanda, would it help if we made the booking for you? If yes, please share with us the fare that you saw, your full name >>
@jhshifris11 You have a great weekend as well, Josh.
@RonaldPennings Graag gedaan, Ronald.
@JorgensenAaron As we don't offer any videos on board of our aircraft, the answer is no one, Aaron. ;-)

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