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@AlioliDeli hunting trophies since 1998. This policy applies to all endangered species. <<
@AlioliDeli We appreciate your concern, Gabriela. Please be informed that KLM Cargo has an embargo on shipping >>
@lomionoesgrave Hola, hemos comprobado nuestra web y todo parece funcionar correctamente. ¿Podrías comprobar de nuevo? ¡Gracias!
@othmanhg9892 Thank you, Othman! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
@SabG We wensen jullie een fijne vlucht, Sabine!
@Maddox4life >> would like to investigate this further. Could you please share what flight number this was and on what date?
@Maddox4life >> religion or lifestyle. As a global carrier, KLM has a very diverse workforce. As we take such remarks seriously, we >>
@Maddox4life We would first like to make clear that KLM values all of its passengers. We do not distinct between age, gender, race, >>
@othmanhg9892 We meant your last flown (credited) flight (route + date). :-)
@rpaustin >> charged or not, Ron. We understand this is unfortunate, but we can't inform you otherwise.
@rpaustin If the dimensions do not fit the standard prescribed measurements, we will not be able to guarantee you if a fee will be >>
@Nickparree >> niet aangeven welke maaltijden tijdens uw vlucht worden geserveerd.
@Nickparree >> afhankelijk van de duur van de vlucht. Omdat onze maaltijden en snacks regelmatig wisselen, kunnen we van tevoren >>
@Nickparree >> en in alle reisklassen serveren we – altijd geheel kosteloos – snacks, drankjes en een keuze uit heerlijke maaltijden - >>
@Nickparree Hallo Nick, dat varieert per vlucht! Uiteraard kan je wel voorkeursmaaltijden aangeven. Aan boord van alle KLM-vluchten >>
@BrennenLeigh >> purely because we are not the ones that can be held accountable for such verdicts. :-) <<
@BrennenLeigh It wasn't our intention to come across like that, Brennen. It's just that we can't give you a guarantee, >>
@royalsmackist you can council in case you're missing something. If this has been Kenya Airways, there is indeed not much we can do for you.
@royalsmackist We're sorry to hear this. By which airline was your last flown flight operated, Fernando? Because this is the airline which >
@thierry23456789 Graag gedaan! Fijne vlucht alvast!

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