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Here's a great way to get your questions about @gmail or @inboxbygmail questions answered. #gHelp
@catherinekustra glad you figured this out, do you have any questions about @GoogleDocs? #gHelp
@dale_rickardo glad you like this feature. Do you have any questions about it? #gHelp
Discover how to create business strategy that wins clients #GrowVisibility #Entrepreneur
@jessyh2609 @thewarfortalent I have live chat integrated with my websites which allows me to learn from my website visitors too.
The latest Social Media Marketing for Business! #wininbiz
A7b. I also use @Glip for project manage as my team works on the blogging calendar #ContentWritingChat
A7. Google Sheets for editorial cal. Tried different tools & have found this meets my needs best #ContentWritingChat
@thewarfortalent because of the questions I ask and the targeted group of people I get feedback from. #ContentWritingChat
A6. Editorial calendars help you plan, organize, & stay on top of your blog content #contentwritingchat
@HeyOrca nice to meet you too #contentwritingchat
@thewarfortalent yes, because I poll them and I go off of the questions I'm asked #contentwritingchat 😎
Why You Should Create a Great Lead Magnet for Your Business - via @BetterSuccess #email
A3. I would recommend 4-6 weeks as a minimum is good for an editorial calendar. #ContentWritingChat
A2. Using to manage all blog posts, video posts, & infographics. All content that goes out. #ContentWritingChat
A1b. It's good for team communication when multiple people are part of the blogging process. #ContentWritingChat
A1. Love using editorial calendar to manage blogging. It helps me keep everything organized. #ContentWritingChat
Hi! I'm Kim from Kansas City, MO and I'm looking forward to participating today. #ContentWritingChat
@News4Melissa thank you for resharing!
Create, manage & grow your #WordPress membership website using @WishlistProducts plugin

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Coach, Speaker, Online Presence Curator. Named a top 25 Urban Entrepreneur by @BrandMarkerNews. Learn how to integrate WordPress/Social Media by following me!

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