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One inside. One outside... safely where the one inside can't see him. That's how you spell detente in…
Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. It's RED. AND AWESOME.
Birthday gift from my children. Any friend who has ever seen my kitchen is now laughing uproariously.
More flowers!! Thank you cdesap!! I have the best sisters in the world!
Happy birthday to me!! Official published book!
Thanks to frenchfoodiemom sdruck and markrosenberg it has been a flowerific birthday!!
Special on the house fried California birthday roll! Yay me!! Thank you Sumo Sushi!
Nom nom nom nom. #DailyDottie #puppylove #dogsofinstagram
Mean mommy won't buy them a bunk bed for their zillion dolls, so they made their own. Please note the…
At long last Aloha Also Means Goodbye is out in paperback! Get yours now! #summerreads #summerreading
Then the dog went for a joy run in the neighbor's unkempt yard and I spent an hour pulling a zillion…
Now he's teaching them blackjack. No joke.
Poker lesson with Hello Kitty cards. Why? What are you doing this Sunday? #parentingwin
RT @scratchorsniff: Hey, @thefoodbabe / @johnmcdougallmd? Please don't tell your readers to lie. It endangers the food allergy community. h…
How moms work in summer.
I had all these grandiose work plans for the summer. Yeah. Who was I kidding?
Good morning Toronto. So sad to say goodbye already.
Cute fliflops. Terrible tourist shoes. Ouch.
Is it an historic monument? Is it a famous landmark? Nope, just the hockey hall of fame. #toronto
Sleek new do won't keep this one out of the pool today!

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