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@SolaCoffee @HuffPostBlog @HPLifestyle @ErinCLane Looks like heaven on a plate!
@dhSunWriter Ask yourself how you'll feel when an editor tries to change it. If it boils your blood, you've found the right one!
@sizzlesays Hope Otis is on the mend soon!
@taxgirl Ah... the calm before the storm!
@dhSunWriter The title is the worst! Like naming a baby!
@dhSunWriter Always, nothing's ever perfect!
@dhSunWriter Congratulations! Such an amazing feeling, isn't it?
Not amused by yet another late night in the office. #dailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
Training the kiddo so I too can have a little chef at home like bellabaker1
RT @theMotherhood: With summer right around the corner, we want to share a review of a fun beach read by @kikarose!
Right here I am safe from the dog. So what if mom can't work? #dogsofinstagram #catsofinstagram
Unimpressed by the rain. #catsofinstagram
@findery The challenge with working from home is that none of your "coworkers" ever bring in donuts. That cat really needs to get on that.
@findery Can I please go hot air ballooning over the Rockies? #IWantToGoHere #SummerGetaway
Axl's turn to nap in the chair! #catsofinstagram #NapChair
Parenting: the balancing act we think we do on our own.
My kid. She is funny.
Mother shame? Don't deny it. We all share it.
This chair really is the preferred napping spot for all, be they puppy, kitty, or kid.
Look who's coming to town! Can't wait to come support @mommasgonecity ! #TheoAndBeau

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CA Writer mama trying to find a balance between work, family, and Twitter! (Now works @TinyPrints too!)

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