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There. Is that better? #dailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
Comfy dog challenges your notion of how chairs are s'posed to be used. #dailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
Perfectly sums up life with my youngest. Never cleans up after herself. Always has her nose in a…
@techmama seriously! A) is cheaper and b) more relaxing.
@techmama thank you for sharing!
10 Ways to Have a Perfect Valentine's Day with Your Kids via @FeelsLikeHome
RT @skimbaco: Travel Insight: Luxury Hotels taking on role as “Cupid” for singles via @Hinessightblog…
RT @veepveep: Go beyond I love you. Let @Hallmark help you #PutYourHeartToPaper #ad
Ok, so maybe I enjoy being the class party mom because I enjoy trying out the crafts... sue me.
Sugar crepes: Last minute French treats for the international fair. Made while dancing to Country…
Crepes. International Night at school. Yum.
RT @findery: Great news #Android users! The Findery 2.0 app is here! Happy travels! #mobilenews #mobileapps http://t…
My word for 2015 came late... and came as rather a surprise. Now let's see if I have the bravery to embrace it fully.
@MomalomJen That seems to be a common one too!
Some words I will never, ever, ever be able to spell correctly. Acknowledge is one.
Always so lazzy. #catsofinstagram
@AlainaBullock I swear I read that as CatMentalHealth and DogMentalHealth... totally different issue there!
RT @findery: Want to help beta test the Findery 2.0 app for Android? Email today! #Travel #TravelTuesday…
@Carters I do love Carters, but I'm really not a fan of being spammed like this.
@kimtracyprince how are you enjoying the book?

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