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Pebble beach art.
@TonyaStaab thank you!!!
I mustache you a question! Do you enjoy digging as much as I do? #DailyDottie #dogsofinstagram #latergram
Puppito takes a nap and dreams of burritos. #DailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
She doesn't understand why we don't spend every waking moment on the sand. #DailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
Not ready for summer to end? Dive into this great $.099 book deal and escape to Hawaii for the weekend! #KindleDeals
Dottie is so lucky to have great puppy pals who live so close. Always someone willing to help her…
Since the kids aren't home maybe the mailman will play! #DailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
First day of 2nd and 4th! Bring it on school! We're ready!
You don't have to be IN the castle to be the king of the castle. #catsofinstagram
Was I seriously the one who needed a back-to-school haircut? Let's be real here. #DailyDottie…
Armed and ready for the homework wars. #BackToSchool
You know you're in Silicon Valley when...
Who's ready to go to the pool? Dottie is! #DailyDottie #dogsofinstagram
We might have SuperMan and all the Avengers, but Mexico has there's that.
I baked a little extra love into that one. #latergram
I don't understand. What is it? What is it for?
Wiped! #SignsOfAGreatVacation #HeadingHome. #CruisingCarnival
Live comedy every night! So fun. #CruisingCarnival
Cheers to Camp Carnival and childless evenings. Oh and to wine. Yay wine! #CruisingCarnival…

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