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RT @findery: Fun new features in the latest @Findery iOS release! Download it now! #TravelTuesday #TT…
@kristy_campbell well that's just annoying! What a pesky way to force people to use your branded products. #rude
@kristy_campbell well that's a bummer! I bet it works on older Keurigs. Mine is definitively not picky about what goes into it!
Teaching the youngest how to knit, but she'd rather learn from her sister. Not sure whether I should be jealous or relieved.
@jazzrabbi writing ad copy today. Really need to pull out the novel-in-progress and dust it off.
What else could I possibly need? #takingcareofme
@TinaSeitzinger @Momtrends please note, being that I am in CA, you can tell me to shut it any time. ;-)
@TinaSeitzinger @Momtrends but pedicures and having to shave legs. Blerg.
@kirklander61 thanks Charlie!
Fit Snack Review: Healthy snacks delivered to your door - Centsible Life via @centsiblelife
RT @petershankman: Don't forget what tomorrow is!
@Momtrends @TinaSeitzinger I don't even understand the concept of being over boots.
My favorite book of all time is Terry Pratchett's Good Omens. So good and can be read a million times. #RIP
You know you were a beloved author when your name is trending as well as the name of the world you created & the name of one of your novels
@jazzrabbi @AmyCCosper @FastCompany @jason_ensler @lnwiner is why I tend to write what is recent or in my hopes and dreams.
@jazzrabbi Thank you!
This year, I'm focusing on my photography. One challenge and one frame at a time.
@jillelswick That's a fantastic idea!
Give love a chance. #GoodAdviceIn4Words
@jillelswick Cute and fuzzy always wins! Plus, there's always the hope that one day he won't bite!

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