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RT @longhorns2: @typeaparent write for you and your readers. Not for google or for hits or for sponsors. (Most of the time, anyway.) ;) #t…
RT @typeaparent: Let's fill the twitterverse with #TypeACon learnings. What is the best blog- or social media- related advice you learned?
@longhorns2 That's a great take away! Love that! #typeacon
@KerryGorgone @Daddymojo @mochadad @RyanEHamilton They have to sit together, all those women... Safety in numbers! #typeacon
If you were at #TypeACon, what's your #1 takeaway from the conference?
@MelACulbertson @centsiblelife That's awesome!!! I'm always clueless about celebrities. #TypeACon
@TheSistahChick Not sure @griner likes being described as a thing. ;-) Or does he? #TypeACon
@kikarose You're one of those people I'm SO GRATEFUL I met at #TypeACon !
@MamaDweeb @JanineNickel Don't they always? #typeacon
So, come on peeps, spill, what was the funniest thing that happened at #TypeACon this weekend?
Some of the most amazing bloggers I've ever met were people I connected with at #TypeACon
So wishing I could have made it to #TypeACon this weekend. Missed all the learning, connecting, and fun. #SadPanda
AWESOME news @findery has just released their Android app! Why is that exciting? Well... lemme tell you:
"Apples straight from the tree taste better, even when dusty" by Jessica Rosenberg via @findery
Inspiration everywhere. #FacebookCampus
Facebook Hacker square from a different angle.
Cool city downtown or Facebook campus?
RT @findery: From our blog: "The magic of traveling lies in the discovery of new things." By @kikarose…
RT @KariDahlen: Some people may not want to be bothered by lots of approvals or security layers, so these are not mandatory. #FBFamTech Sel…
RT @techmama: Facebook security settings ( i.e. login approvals like 2 factor authorization)are important to configure. #FBFamTech http://t…

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