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How do you hold on to the momentum and inspiration after a conference? #EBWW2014
I know, I know, you thought you had the Ugliest Passover Desert in the bag. Sorry to say I'm claiming…
@madmimi thanks Aaron! So far already loving the service!
I just discovered @madmimi, testing it out!!
@QueenScarlett had a lovely chat about you last night. Made me miss you!
@DeidreKnight @samhainpub lovely!
@JanetRoper pet grief is a tough one. You "see" them out of the corner of your eye for a long time. Both a heartache and blessing.
RT @Roz_Morris: It's hard for literary authors to get credibility with critics & press when they selfpublish. Could an author services star…
Resisted the urge to kick partiers in the shins on my way out of the Marriott. Feeling very magnanimous. #worstnightever #EBWW2014
@heyragu it's like crack isn't it?
RT @heyragu: Just shouted out a joke during a comedy workshop and got laughs. More, please. #ebww2014
RT @bmeleski: @annalefler is talking about two vaginas. But apparently the brain is the amazing organ. #EBWW2014
RT @LeighannLord: Hope is not a strategy. @dbraughler @robinobryant #ebww2014 @ebww
RT @LeadvilleLaurel: "Don't confuse authentic with being unpolished" @AnnaLefler #EBWW2014
RT @latorres: Where else would you find a bunch of nerds who say "OMG I LOOOOVE!!!" #EBWW2014 @DanZevin
RT @rajean: When you want to make someone laugh, never start with something funny. Go for transformational comedy. - @judycarter #EBWW2014
RT @NinaAmir: Transformation comedy. Take something painful and make it funny. That makes it less painful. -Judy Carter #EBWW2014
@thegrrlgenius @wbrucecameron hearing you say that makes it seem possible!
RT @loisaltermark: Girlfriends are like an apple a day - @suzanneblevine Yes! Then #EBWW2014 is like an orchard
RT @bhjarvis: "Not everyone has a sense of humor. And they all work in customer service," @DanZevin #EBWW2014

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