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Kick Ass Media's fearless leader onsite with Disney for #TIFF...pretty sweet 10x20 Step and…
So much to do! At the quinte international air show!!! #QIAS2016 #CreateKickAssExperiences
Come #CreateKickAssExperiences with us at the quinte international air show #qias2016 Free Photos!
Save time, avoid lousy vendors. Or just contact us today to have a better, smoother #KickAssExperience.
Completely normal reaction when a client sees their print for the first time! Creating #KickAssExperiences over here!
You might be an event planner when... AMIRIGHT?! #KickAssExperiences
Your brand isn't just product attributes, it's experiences. (Ahem... #KickAssExperiences.) Insightful @DerrickDaye
Amid digital, print is still #DISRUPTIVE. This event by @amgreetings captured "the importance of human connections"
Don't fret if you don't know every detail of your next event. Let us fill in the blanks for a #KickAssExperience:
Do you spy anyone you recognize? This step and repeat set the stage for a star-studded night!
Don't miss these valuable lessons on how to integrate social into your venue. The hashtag tip is GOLD.
You WON'T BELIEVE how we greeted our new delivery guy. More about my obsession with creating #KickAssExperiences
Sky's out thighs out. That time we teamed up with @Depend & asked Toronto to #dropyourpants for #underwearawareness.
You're a BADASS that makes things happen. Keep on creating #KickAssExperiences you ninja, you.
A red carpet is no time to be ordinary. #kickassgoals #tbt
You bring the brand. We make it an experience. Here's what it's like to work with us: #KickAssExperience
Need inspiration from the best in the innovation business? Check out the #SXSW keynotes this weekend: #kickasstips
ZOMG the cuteness. We worked with @owlkids to put this trailer together for "You Are One"
He woke up like that. #kickassposes #TBT

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