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Is the Internet the crack cocaine of our generation? Excellent piece on online addiction #psychology #addiction
True transformation starts with the customer and is enabled by the technology
Why you should turn off your phone and take a long walk #creativity
If the experience is not intuitive and easy the customer will simply give up #UX #design #BehavioralEconomics
Huge congrats to @bcg_UK 37 miles for @macmillancancer well done all 👍
Will the future be more parks and less parking? #driverless
RT @Dr_Draper: Whereas the rest of us prefer it to be unreal and inauthentic.
Amazing VR pacemakers on this running track.
The vision for smart cities is bold
Freedom is not given to you, you have to take it
When a product becomes a service #IoT
Technology can improve democracy but only with human intervention
Not everything that counts can be counted
Creativity will be the fourth industrial revolution #creativity
RT @sikh5: Just about to read my next book. Thanks @keyparker
Top 10 digital technologies everyone should know about #digitaltransformation
Where all think alike, no one thinks very much #SocialProof | Farnam Street via @farnamstreet
People don't do what they think
Fortune favours the brave. Order your free copy of our new book here

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