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We've updated to include suggestions. Feedback as always more than welcome!
@zoso375 atm only with
@SxDx try
@kevinchen22 we have no logo at the moment, but you can use a bigger version of our fav -> thx for your review!
@alexandrojv its a language issue. try :)
@OneHundredOwls we are looking forward but wolfram alpha is currently not planned.
@tockrock google news is currently not planned, though we will constantly add new services. is now public!
@Razo try :)
@roemermeier unfortunately there is currently no api for
@en1gm4 ;)
@en1gm4 it will become optional with the next update.
@Psaniko we tested enough, thx for the offer. we just wanted to make sure keyboardr's performance is great for US users as well.
need some serious beta testers from the US. interested? reply or give us a mail:
@yeastcapp keyboardr will remain the same :)
@Psaniko coming with the next update!
@eugenedebs coming with the next update :)
@Coolz0r Yes, we will support more search engines in the future.
@camporter thx for the suggestion. we will think about it!

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About keyboardr speeds up your internet experience and if you like, it helps you keeping your hands on your keyboard.

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