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I’m really impressed with the imToken Ethereum wallet for iOS, just wish it was open source. If you’re curious:
@CoinbaseSupport Hi support. I sent a wire three days ago and still don't see it on GDAX. Possible to DM me? CaseID: 1883304
I’ve been using @goabstract for Sketch version control, they just entered public beta today, check it:
New podcast! I had a great chat w/ @RyanHoliday, author of The Daily Stoic and Ego Is the Enemy:
@LouisLebbos @jasonfried Counting all living organisms, trillions++
New issue of The Journal is out, really fun stories this month, check your inbox!
wow... times have changed... 🤣
@homes4geeks About 1M
@aalamer84 New version coming soon :)
1.16 Million fasts since launching Zero in Dec. :)
@FEhrsam Hey Fred. Loved your latest article. Would you be open to a coffee sometime soon? DM me if you have interest.
The iOS 11 Notification Center / swiping / unlocking / force touching is all very confusing — I can no longer swipe to open a notification 🤔
@amix3k Twist looks great, excited to try it out.
@chamath Why support the list at all? I’m aware of investors (that would rank) that avoid submitting their financia…
New podcast alert! My interview w/ @billmaris, founder of Google Ventures:
RT @TWistartups: Quick Take! @jason @kevinrose PT1: early @Digg, bldg great products, Oak meditation app, founder-investor fit. Full: https…
@mulligan @googlemaps Disagree. Those little multi country all in one power adapters are magical
Check this out: - I just purchased this guy:
Happy Friday ✌🏻
RT @ChicagoPhotoSho: Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods" Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods" Bezos: Shit

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