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The United States has just selected its new leader. Listen to this tale about how China once did it.
My book, The Africa Bomb, is FREE this week on kindle. Sequel, The Rooming House Murder is FREE next week. Both are four star reads. Enjoy!
Maybe your kid should meet my mistress... via @awritercanhelp
Maybe your kid should meet my mistress…
Anatomy of a early trend
Have you lost control of your ad budget?
Merry Christmas!
Who is your buyer? Really.
Are you ready?
Follow the “blips”
The 7 secret of great business photography.
The cure for slackeritis
The 8 keys to writing a business story.
What made Lindbergh tick?
A message from my sponsor
MIni market. Major Marketer.
A chat with a creative genius. via @awritercanhelp
A chat with a creative genius.
The Magic of Charlie Senter
Old guy sings to his dog: via @YouTube

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Kenny Miller is the author of The Last Flight of Kilo Mike-a terrorism novel that came out before 9/11. He is also a content writer, designer & photographer

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