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Each of us can sprinkle a little magic wherever we go. @marieforleo
Happy Monday! Yesterday I took a fun watercolor class from @vicjdesign on @skillshare I created… https://t.co/huKa5vnUro
Check out "Exploring Paint: Learn to Create Gestural Florals", and get @Skillshare Premium free for a month. https://t.co/poSeiqfoEO
Gorgeous Ranunculous https://t.co/uYV7qPU2NQ
Happy Saturday! Have a beautiful day. https://t.co/XuKWPle2RB
Happy First day of Spring! #firstdayofspring https://t.co/NP6Hq1AvZU
Happy St Patrick's Day! 💚🍀💚"May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come... https://t.co/BF9skRayhT
Wake up Drink Coffee Be Awesome! #lettering https://t.co/KcNsd7NPA3
Happy International Women's Day! #internationalwomensday https://t.co/u14wrJdBHa
Let the beauty of what you LOVE be what you do. ~Rumi #watercolor #lettering #Rumi https://t.co/5WWGmBmv0B
Happy Monday! #watercolor https://t.co/O6jbLqY50l
I just got access to @zarasdesigns FREE library for SURFACE PATTERN DESIGNERS? Get yours here https://t.co/Xt4CEWPK2F
Hello BEAUTIFUL brush lettering. I hope you have a beautiful day! https://t.co/We54iNwsWC
Happy Friday! https://t.co/3hIEz3o1uJ
Happy 💗Day! https://t.co/asWUjEkiW4
Happy almost Valentine's Day! ❤ Watercolored florals on heart. #watercolour #watercolor #valentines... https://t.co/IcxzptQEFV
Happy almost Valentine's Day! ❤ Watercolored florals on heart. #watercolour #watercolor… https://t.co/7S9qrRIABd
Sketchbook from last night with pen and ink, watercolors, and gold accents. #watercolor… https://t.co/UVuoDSFMxs

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Kathryn creates simple, elegant designs in sterling silver. Website http://www.kathryncoledesigns.com