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If we could stop chewing miscellaneous stuff to spit it would be a big step towards a clean nation.#SwachhataHiSeva #SwachhBharat
They're trying to find ways to charge mobiles instantaneously so that we don't get withdrawal symptoms!
Very impressed by Abhijay Singh Arora and his UNJUNK range of healthy salads.
Now a days guys don't get autograph of the stars they take selfies with them. Collecting autographs is dead I think!
Chettinad delicacies at Chaandi, Hilton. On till the 23rd......worth trying....Good food and good service. The... https://t.co/yvgNz28OPd
Interesting concept. Good food. Congratulations Dushyant Singh and Ratna Sahay....Gourmet Getaway.
Innovative invitation from Gourmet Gateway 👍 https://t.co/9C8aOuTb02
Pebbles https://t.co/RAkfGhrBu6
Multi hued Khurjan https://t.co/VRtu7H9hjC
Jai'Pour....Beautiful cafe/bar.
Yeh #Jaipur ke Jaam!
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/m4ceztLqM8
Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
Coffee at F Bar & Lounge.....
A Recipe To Cook Raan At Home https://t.co/fB1OCSOJAa via @karans
LeSpring.......Good meal. A welcome change in menu - and cuisine.

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