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Is your life as fukd up as mine? Don't think so. That is one ballsy piece of shit lizard https://t.co/meU7YQGWxk
This is what #Bollywood should be/make! Shorts - Official Trailer | Nawazuddin Siddiqui... https://t.co/wpM9TwkLYS via @YouTube
Heard this awesome track by @sickflipper called Desert BAE on #YouTube. Damn.... it's gooood #music!!! https://t.co/WhpOzxKLO4
Haha I love it & I'm addicted as well. Watch out for cool #dabs in this video by @TheViralFever - https://t.co/Zgou8GxJUa
For anyone buying #JustinBieber's #Mumbai show tickets, watch something real and entertaining here https://t.co/7YCWoK9EuN by #foofighters
Sayin that you're the "least anti-semite" or "least racist" is admitting that u infact r a "racist", just not as much as others- @Trevornoah
Somethings inspire you to do whatever you think is impossible. What @isro did today is historic, inspirational & commendable #104Satellites
Sean Spicer or Sean "Spicier". BUMD!
@priyankachopra you are at a point in your life that millions of men and women dream of. Truly #Inspired! Hats off!
@KaranSinghmar really? I was hanging out with @iamsrk, did not see you anywhere. It wasn't FIFA night. Were you stuck outside #Mannat?
Waiting for some new music I can be addicted to. @linkinpark @ChesterBe @mikeshinoda when is it releasing?
@iamsrk every time I come to Mumbai, I come outside your house around midnight with @KaranSinghmar but you r never there. Naraazgi hai koi?
I was afraid if I write anything against Trump, it will be used against me if and when I visit the US. I don't give a damn anymore.
RT @tparsi: I want to repeat: Green card holders were handcuffed, their social media was reviewed, and they were asked their views on Trump…
There's a North Korea and then there is a West Korea in the making thanks to the 70 year old child.
RT @CNNPR: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/bTtBoNr0Bn
Hey @Facebook I'm /karankash and you've unpublished my pages without giving a reason. So, am I responsible for your technical glitches?
#America, cheer up, If you Google "who is the president of united states", you will still get #Obama as the top result #Inauguration
Ironically, The Biggest Stars at #Trump's #Inauguration were #Obama, #Biden and #MichelleObama
So True. https://t.co/cOoNP0Fjnl

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19 yrs young webmaster. i Blog, Tweet, Share n Create stuff. New ideas keep me busy and i am working to make the web a more better place! Follow me its Free! :D

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