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It's only when you finally get a slow week that you realize the necessity of doing nothing once in a while.
@IMthewholeman @Ehmee @AsapSCIENCE @TheScientistLLC *met *woman *quiet
Can we make correctile dysfunction trend please! https://t.co/cUI61t0Vic
Hey @apple why is "Arial Hebrew" a protected font on my US Mac? It also always auto-matches search first. So annoying.
Random websites that want me to share my location and or send me notifications. Please stop, I'm just not that into you.
@mjbroadbent @steveportigal @Manya @ryaninteractive @amybphd @mdigirolUX Whoever designed that book cover was on fl… https://t.co/fgZ4IIr9Tg
Nice job @leikela37 #UXPABOS17 https://t.co/rBZiupemyI
@andersoncooper Don't be sorry. We get it.
@Manya @steveportigal @ryaninteractive @amybphd @mdigirolUX What's really weird is that the book matches my shirt. #whoa
Thanks Amazon, but I will pass on the shower cap subscription...
Next year we'll have to run a 'show us your tattoo' contest. #missedopportunity #UXPABOS17 #cocktailhour
Kudos to @dlichaw for using the words climax and socks in one completely innocent sentence. :D #UXPABOS17
Just wanted to throw out the "let's go back to the future and stop twitter" idea again. #uxpabos17 #political #subtweet
Dammit I missed the photo booth fun. But when your dog has to go, the dog has to go...
@ryaninteractive @Manya Where 's the pic?
@kirstenrobinson sadly no control over it. :(
RT @uxpaboston: CONTEST: Are you a networking guru? Post a pic tweet with someone new you met and include #MetatUXPA for a chance to win a…
Meet me for a selfie, win a prize! https://t.co/t5B4wDyWZA
Classpass free trial. Go to a range of yoga studios and gyms on one plan. https://t.co/olYkj3Dfby

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