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@mdigirolUX @CoryLebson I work under the assumption that nobody cares that much about my trivial concerns. So far I've been right.
@mdigirolUX @CoryLebson Hopefully they don't look too hard on my FB trolling... :D
If someone searches online, they should find your brand. #uh-huh @uxpaboston
Full house at @uxpaboston UX Careers Handbook event with @CoryLebson at @MadPow, sponsored by @BrandeisGPS… https://t.co/Pbc65JoCT6
Pro tip: use the same technology you used to design the platform to identify bots and pure troll accounts. Phone nu… https://t.co/fQupBOkKpL
@ava Not sure I see your point, since WOC are... women.The irony of having a hashtag on twitter about boycotting twitter is what bothers me.
Oldie but goodie. @logmein I stand ready to help you solve this problem. #uxfails https://t.co/cFZKQNWlbi
Kitty: I'm outside, let me in! LET ME IN!!!! 3 minutes later: I need to go out. LET ME OUT RIGHT NOW!!!! #kittydontkare
I need a Chrome extension that will block Harvey Weinstein's photos. #thecreeps
The smartwool base layers for Scotland trip have arrived. Too hot to try out. Damn you, #climatechange
RT @banderlin: I may watch this every day for the rest of the year. https://t.co/2g5xTbmlwC
Join your fellow JP gardeners at https://t.co/8yq5B06RNE @JP_02130
When you listen to a research interview recording, and you sound like a goober. Then you realize that you are literally playing it back slow
I did my usual twitter search for "trump" today to make sure the world isn't ending. Pretty happy to see a Melania/Ivana cat fight.
I just ate too much jack fruit. #consultinglife #wfh
Boom. https://t.co/V0SmvEYRls
@berkun It's very oppressive, and why I own a @scottevest jacket, though they take it to the opposite extreme pocke… https://t.co/MrJNapa3Ks
@banderlin @UserZoom No kidding. Same goes for @surveygizmo - looks like I'll be on their legacy plan forever now. :(
@berkun As a woman, I will take any real pocket I can get. You wouldn't believe how much of women's clothing includes no or FAKE POCKETS.
@BofA_Help Change your polity to stop using a technology that's hundreds of years old. I mean, how reliable is eyeballing a signature?!

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