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#RIFT 4.2 Celestial Storm is Here! https://t.co/Jy8goaWxb8
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LOTRO's insane pricing for Mordor https://t.co/RUUz7qN8gg
New post: "Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday July 18 2017" https://t.co/rBvkpcayiu
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Before you preorder WildWestOnline, Read this! https://t.co/CBXTKMeK6n
#RIFT Get Ready for Celestial Storm with Weekend Bonuses https://t.co/eotqGt5Led
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#RIFT Beginner’s Guide to Raiding https://t.co/UXhCsPYteh
#RIFT RIFTSTREAMS: Celestial Storm Pre-Launch & Vostigar Art Team https://t.co/OKhdKGbfcj
New post: "SWTOR Game Update 5.3a Patch Notes" https://t.co/enM4lmDm6p
New post: "Untitled" https://t.co/w3uuvrRHiW
New post: "SWTOR Change to Cartel Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings with Legacy Weapons" https://t.co/AS5PMoGCNB

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