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69 Friends

Jammin with Lonnie Walter at the Saloon oct. 15th 4:30p PM
Now Jamming with Lonnie Walters of "Zero" and "Gregg's Eggs"
Having a great time at the Gate.
"The crowd was on us like fish on squid. "
It's still summer in our brains. ! And it's still summer tonight and tomorrow. Come see us !
JATWR Front Man featured in Yachtsman Magazine ! pg. 54-55 <a href="http://ping.fm/Yghut">www.yachtsmanmagazine.com</a>
Cocopah and paradise resort on Yuma Az. We're calling in for a three night run. Tell em you want the waverunners !!
http://ping.fm/p/zjP37 - Lookin for gigs! Can't wait for harrahs !
http://ping.fm/p/HP6Mp - Next stop. Harrahs
http://ping.fm/p/hraD9 - Next stop. Harrahs
http://ping.fm/p/93r3D - Drivin
Rise and shine. Drink some juice. Off to Sonora to play some music.
To all our new myspace friends. Welcome aboard and c ya tomorrow.
Getting ready for Diamond Jim's this Saturday. Calling all Parrot Heads!
Next show: Diamond Jim's. MiWuk Village. C Ya There.
http://ping.fm/p/9JfhO - Time to go home. Let's get some more gigs!
http://ping.fm/p/qQjel - Good times and riches
http://ping.fm/p/p3E1j - Good times and riches
http://ping.fm/p/Ug0OL - Good times and riches.
http://ping.fm/p/zGvPN - That's. AM.

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