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5 of 5 stars to Wild by Cheryl Strayed https://t.co/akhHrcYej6
https://t.co/kWMAB8VE1I https://t.co/IvHlJiRLtz
February 07th, 2016 https://t.co/CT7wWHTloA
What is playing in the background of someone’s mind when they tell you that you are not in a good place?... https://t.co/icM9DMXlBI
Very nice comment on my Optimism blog post (honors thesis). "What a refreshing read on the "Twilight Series". I... http://t.co/sQKjOuHAZB
I am going to create a perpetuating ripple in the normal fabric of the special education system.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is out of our control, today is the only day we can actually affect the positive changes we seek in our lives.
I try to understand what it all means, what it means for me to be here, but then I realize that it doesn't mean... http://t.co/21tVMg3ZIq
Loving my summer job driving a pedicab in Seattle. It is reinvigorating my belief in people. #seattlepedicab #seattle
Back to school today with UW and the college of education. One more month of practicum and done. #specialeducation
$2 novels, signed by author. 2805 sw 109th st. #signedbyauthor #novel #fiction
Yard sale 2805 sw 109th st. West Seattle. #garagesale #yardsale
Closed Facebook, trying Twitter again. Make me a believer. #Seattlewriter #selfpub #amwriting
I just graduated from the UW with my Master’s in Teaching/Special Education. That means my life will soon return... http://t.co/Pqiotl5wJM
I am starting to feel the itch to return to writing. I just need to find the time.
Absolutely wonderful day of teaching. I can actually do this.
Best Xmas Gifts http://t.co/mVBecjfOL4 http://t.co/VxBxqkQ3Mo
15% Off http://t.co/mVBecjfOL4 http://t.co/4PmvyCMFxF
I love my rolex http://t.co/mVBecjfOL4 http://t.co/zySPKxbLAi

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Seattle Author with 1st Novel Published and released on Sept 7th, 2010. Please take a look at my website for more information. Thanks everyone!

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