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This Sager shootoff is why the NBA is the best.
Kyrie would have scored 25 but the earth rotated on him.
@amcmanus 900,000!
Thank you @evanasmith for speaking up. https://t.co/6yuEvOJG9U
At some point the Secret Service is just gonna shrug its shoulders and say, "fine, have it your way."
RT @Travon: I'm pretty there's one of these for everything. https://t.co/6v5wpL0BF1
😐 https://t.co/uOgPF43tNy
Gross. https://t.co/l11Pk4sZH0
RT @Kasparov63: US democracy will survive Trump and come out stronger for the test. Americans are rediscovering what they took for granted…
Said the billionaire heiress. https://t.co/rHqLDTi9SB
Nike already doing damage control for Kyrie and Draymond. 🌎🔭 https://t.co/yJWejkUjQm
@scrivs just saw this too. My boys are killing me.
@rklau oh that's fantastic. Those will be some great conversations.
RT @SaIIyYates: Trump did not inherit a mess. He inherited a fortune, unfortunately we elected a mess. #resist https://t.co/4VQurAJjEX
@rklau oh man, have fun with that
If one had $10M to spend on a kitchen this is how one would do it: https://t.co/Bu1pzS4bJN
@jtaby boooojeeeee
RT @netw3rk: kyrie thinking the earth is flat plus stephen miller's ascension are, like, two of the most devastating L's an elite universit…
@scrivs https://t.co/eCqHAGbEej
@scrivs LeBron needs to call that shit out

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