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@johnolilly Complete the rings, John.
@johnolilly The Nike version requires you to go outside and keep running until it's finished.
RT @SJVenuto: I want to write a cease & desist letter like this, someday. https://t.co/kuY2f3sfkN
@SJVenuto Incredible.
Every time I see a photo of Kaep I think, "Man, I just want to be that guy's friend."
πŸ”₯Β "They want you to treat [the healthcare bill] like an iTunes service agreement." β€” @jimmykimmel πŸ”₯
@tinch Honestly, that's pretty funny.
@micah @ChipotleTweets I can dream.
@micah @ChipotleTweets I'm anxiously awaiting their call.
@ugmonk @MUTEMATH Truly one of the best live shows.
@owenbrainard Oh man, yes. (y'all should come visit us now... we'll rock the Rotel again!)
@ryanvsclark @danieleagee I mean, to be fair, we've all been there. [womp womp]
@bk_moore @renaud No changes. Just launched it one day about a week ago and it actually showed me stuff I wants to see.
FWIW my Instagram algo has improved greatly over the past two weeks. It is now 80% Art, 10% Family, and 10% Meat Cooked by @renaud. πŸ’―
Incredible. https://t.co/0JxCv8BdHl https://t.co/wdmoClMy0j
@domainr @danieleagee WANT THAT
@domainr @danieleagee Dat compact!
@danieleagee @ryanvsclark Startups definitely aren't HM's primary customers.
@danieleagee @ryanvsclark I dunno. Good chairs are good things. Amortized cost of 20 Mirra chairs over 2 years is a… https://t.co/LQCKMZEy1N
@joshpuckett I mean, it's real to me.

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