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@alainaisonfire Unless I miss my guess,you're an avid gamer. Do you have a position on GamerGate? Just curious. Oft arises in pol discourse.
@alainaisonfire Tis a cosmic injustice.Isn't there a parable about a lamp and a bushel? "Let your light so shine." Beauty should not be hid.
@alainaisonfire A method must exist to persuade you to shoot more fashion tests. Fate cannot abide such a deprivation of photogenic content.
@ShannonMarieNYC @NoMullas4Ever You could create a test like that today. Truly. Why not? It would be a stunning, unsurpassable photoshoot.
RT @Treuburg: #ColumbusWasAHero From one hero to another — poem by Friedrich Schiller honouring Columbus: http://t.co/T3wBj6lLNf http://t.c…
Stunning new VIDEO of luscious plus-size model Jenn Purviance, size 18 (43-34-53) modelling Size Appeal, from SWAK: http://t.co/spYIvFQAH3
Editorial layout and magazine cover of gorgeous plus-size model Jenn Purviance, size 18 (43-34-53) on her wedding day http://t.co/zO9ZR8qLvW
Pro-curvy, size-celebratory fashion from Forever 21+ this season: bandeaus and crop tops (on plus-size models): http://t.co/neeeu3Sx67
RT @NoMullas4Ever: @NoMullas4Ever The Judgment of Paris Forum - Justine: Clin d'Oeil July 2010 http://t.co/xNGsGCX7TZ http://t.co/WOCjzJyLGb
Size Appeal is back, with a new campaign featuring ultra-luscious plus-size model Jenn Purviance, size 18 (43-34-53): http://t.co/jCmQLiUMeq
A photographer's proposal to feature images of plus-size goddesses (instead of underweight models) on urban buses: http://t.co/VHELp09vRG
VIDEO: Stunning plus-size model Mayara Russi, size 22 (44-43-53), in a Brazilian documentary about curvaceous beauty: http://t.co/A7FyDkYz00
Audio of a new BBC radio interview with curvaceous Irish plus-size model Charlotte Coyle, size 18: http://t.co/RAIM5CzSFJ
Beautiful plus-size model Kelsey Olson, size 16/18 (40d-39-46), in new print campaigns and VIDEOS for SWAK: http://t.co/I7rlcHMQxi
NEW article about gorgeous Irish plus-size model Charlotte Coyle, size 18, in the Belfast Telegraph: http://t.co/iNIf2mlQLo
Bravo to @chaunsumlit for a subversively curve-affirming Model Files & for choosing stunning plus-size model Sophie S http://t.co/qqDaUUbcn3
@VFILES My pleasure. It was a very smart program. And everyone would love to see outtakes/extra footage from the episode. Just a thought...
RT @VFILES: @judgmentofparis very smart write up!! thank you!
Kudos to @vfiles for an outstandingly pro-curvy Model Files episode with gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard: http://t.co/qqDaUUbcn3
Bravo to Ashley Stewart (@byAshleyStewart) for featuring gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard in its dress promos http://t.co/WtMi8PlwlM

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