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Support North Shore Animal League America
Video: Craigslist Scam Allows Thieves to Get Away With Selling Stolen Dogs
Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Pup Today
A Pet Parent’s Guide to Dog-Friendly 4th of July Food
WTF?!? @Google's Republican lobbyist is keeping it silent in the fight to save the internet. #NetNeutrality
"Do you think that every time someone has acupuncture there's a voodoo doll out there having a really bad day?"
Home or Rescue Group with open space needed in Central Florida for Red Nosed Pit female (see coments for more info)
Why worry, it doesn't cause anything but anxiety! Things will be what they will be so focus your attention in a positive direction.
I don't have tourette's...random thoughts just fall out of my mouth.
So what if the early bird gets the worm, its the second mouse that gets the cheese out of the trap.
would like to give a shot out to her buddy Juan Valdez and that donkey than helps him carry the beans!

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I sell Books ; breed Lionhead Lop & Angora rabbits ; run a small dog rescue