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Church on Facebook? Innovative? - http://t.co/hAQwwH9G’re-doing-church-on-facebook-tonight/
RT @jsuccess: Me and @mrscaston filling out docs for our new house! PRAISM!! http://t.co/vmM4aXz7
Just setup a speaking form and contact form on my @ichurchmethod website with @jotform and it was completely easy, fb integration next!!
If Apple is spending big on the cloud, then pay attention small businesses - http://t.co/lF9GY4iM
This is what I thought would occur, Amazon will replace Netflix because they have a better angle - http://t.co/Yd7jh1My
@NONSuperwoman I know right @jsuccess is pleased with me!! LOL!!
So cool I retweet myself RT @jsuccess: Final walk thru complete! New house on deck! Another 2011 goal completed
Yep, there are times where everything goes right....
enjoying being out and doing great things but surely cant wait to come on home to @mrscaston and her lil girls 2morow ... Prov 18:22
Amazing story about http://t.co/X4gC46au and how they made it! Even turning down a nine figure buyout from Apple and Steve jobs -...
May God's greatness shine through your gifts, talents and abilities
Hitn up LAX for that DFW trip, @mrscaston and those caston kids are waitin on me
I heard that #blackberry is having issues, mine is working fine, but that's cuz it's an iPhone
Mobile + Mobile = Mobile .... according to Google - http://t.co/88wihrve
@itcdave I am finishing up the ichurch book we emailed about, follow it at @ichurchmethod thanks my friend, i will get you a book asap
The concept of using Facebook and Virtual Worlds is actually quite interesting - http://t.co/mjMFVIa8
Working at Apple Inc. is quite the experience I see - http://t.co/GZABIuKW
I loved Steve Jobs products and innovation but unfortunately if you treat people bad the truth will come out - http://t.co/BJcklomq
Unexplainable as it is, only a few make the most of their gifts, talents and abilities, others seem content to just waste away in mediocrity
Anybody else just find $20 in their pants pocket? Anyone....no...just me... #pocketwining

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I walk talk and breathe success. Author, speaker, web guy and all around happiness, find me at www.jasoncaston.com

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