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RT @raganwald: All software, eventually.
RT @BenedictEvans: My grandparents knew how many electric motors they owned. I don't, but I know how many networked devices I own. My son w…
RT @ThePracticalDev: 2 unit tests. 0 integration tests.
RT @DennysDiner: waffles in 2017 will now have stories
RT @rvagg: This guy is a software engineer, you can tell by his awesome estimation skills
RT @bdesarnauts: Why Cities Are Where They Are
RT @jenna: Lol oh but they were....
RT @markokloos: Don't fret about your Amazon reviews. I just got a three-star review because my novel isn't a 36-count package of Jimmy Dea…
RT @ThePracticalDev: And the winner of the JavaScript framework wars is... Angular.
RT @Pinboard: Remember: when illuminating classified documents in a public space with a flashlight app, use an iPhone, not Android. Be safe.
Verifying myself: I am jonathant on M3xlsRPFB0dZKmzQoz8LrnJwTL-1oPW6CHJw /
RT @asymco: Apple and Samsung sold about the same number of smartphones last quarter. Average iPhone price: $695. Average Samsung smartpho…
RT @d_llas: Perfect.
RT @brennandunn: Hahaha, this is great:
Graphene’s sleeping superconductivity awakens
RT @bglick: Don't forget. It's up to you.
RT @Pinboard: Four-factor authentication: 1. Something you know 2. Something you have 3. Something you are 4. Something you can't believe…
RT @GordyPls: When the executives want a tour of the data center
The “Quilla” is apparently no longer just a really cool city:
@jasonfried “it’s an easy fix, one line of dialogue…thank god we invented the…you know…whateverer device…”

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