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RT @jamiejmcintyre: “We don’t have guidance. We have a tweet. We don’t execute policy based on a tweet.” Capt. Jeff Davis, DoD spox on @POT…
RT @gelliottmorris: @ianrmcdonald While US lawmakers have polarized largely due to GOP moving right (as above graphs show) the public has m…
Handclap emojis between words are the 2017 equivalent of that guy who ALWAYS WRITES IN ALL CAPS.
Facebook says it's going to build a paywall for news.
@stephcd What's fwrong with that?
RT @stephcd: Net Art Micro Micro Grant: tweet your best idea at me with a budget of $5. The winner will be venmo'd $5…
@Meaningness @nostalgebraist @garybasin C.f. my analysis of analysis methods in journalism
IBM's Watson is an impressive AI question answering system. It was supposed to help in cancer diagnoses, but failed.
Are government policies that uses "nudges" to guide behavior ethical? You'll say no if it goes against your politic…
RT @StatModeling: Graphs as comparisons: A case study
When fake news becomes marketing. Scary misinformation drives sales of "protection" products
RT @manuelaristaran: 100+ years old quote about government data. Still holds.
The way you first find news -- app or search or notification -- is the new "front page," and there are so many ways!
UK regulator Ofcom has cited Russia Today for violating news impartiality rules ten times; but RT rewrites history.
@russellchun Huh! I don't recall saying that, do you remember the context?
@AndrewYNg I'm going to guess that automated techniques will replace AI rather slowly, perhaps over a decade or two.
RT @Gossenphilosoph: Using salt circle runes to trap an A.I. car is possibly the most cyberpunk thing ever.
RT @ramez: 1. There's an incredibly bleak - & misleading - climate doomsday article in @NYMag today. I have several problems with it. Shor…
@EthanZ @benwizner That, and less into advertising.
RT @math_rachel: @sravsatuluri This is just a start, but here are some questions for evaluating algorithms:

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Journalist, computer scientist, internationalist. Interactive Technology Editor at the AP. Maker of industrial fire sculptures on the side.

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