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Drew in West Bloomfield Twp, MI ordered a Reign of Fire 37 inch Sculptural Firebowl™. Thanks, Drew!
Jim in Parker, CO ordered a Fiery Fleur-de-Lis 37 inch Sculptural Firebowl. Thanks, Jim!
Suddenly remembering how learning how to make a proper em dash— and ellipsis… was one of my happiest days using a computer.
@KathrynGoldman I’ll have to show them to someone here who knows local plants better than I and find out.
@KathrynGoldman I’m not 100% sure. NY has different varieties than I grew up with. But they taste garlicky, look right, not leeks.
@jbhigginbotham We have mint but neither of us use it much. Sage would be easy, rosemary would be great.
I love Steven Weinberg’s watercolor cartoons, but this one especially says something brilliant and important.
I have no patience for gardening but if I can get a ton of wild edibles to just grow out back, totally down with that.
I’m kind of getting into eating my wild yard. Spent a lot of time as a kid studying edible and medicinal wild plants. Using it finally.
I was gonna eat scrambled eggs and spinach but the spinach died. So I picked scapes and dandelion greens in the yard. Best eggs ever.
It is so weird to see me back then. Not many pictures of my early days exist.
@austinkleon He worked me over like a proper Zen master, really. Took weeks to get my head back to normal.
@austinkleon It did turn out well. These tape collages may be my favorite work you’ve done ever.
Fortune cookie writer has never met an artist?
There are worse games than following a cat around in the dark. Also, it’s almost 3 am and it’s warm out!
I spent the last 15 minutes following Aleistre around in the dark and met a deer and an opossum. No wonder he stays out all night.
“He has slept sitting on the eggs. It’s been a lot harder than being shut inside the rock.” via @hyperallergic
@austinkleon Barbara Ninde Byfield’s “Haunted Spy” series were faves as a kid and still. But it looks like they’re…
JUST NOW finished the last bits of the first Eustachi mosaic. That makes two ready to install. Pictures tomorrow… tired.
“When poetry is a backwater it means times are O.K. When times are dire, that’s exactly when poetry is needed.”

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Artist, Designer, art advocate. My specialty is impossibility remediation: if it can't be done, I'm on it. Relaxing makes me tense.

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