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@Reina95 great to connect with you
@DavidGSlusher thanks for the like
I wrote an article about how to create more free time to do what you are truly passionate about. #residualincome
I just uploaded “John Heerhold Presentation Eco-System” to #Vimeo:
@Chase ask your CEO when the last time #bitcoin had to be bailed out by the federal government #formercustomer #toomanyfees #byebyechase
#iPhoneX cant wait to get one #apple
Who can trust you? You could have passed the bill and made it a constitutional law
@RepGutierrez law abiding dreamers belong here but do your job change the law so they can stay Quit blaming Trump or Gen Kelly #Disgraceful
#neverforget #911memorial #usastrong 🇺🇸
@JimMcMahon 1 of the most iconic #Chicagobears of all time. How could any #Bearfan not love him.…
@JimMcMahon @SoldierField Welcome home
@JimMcMahon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 praying for you healthwise Jimmy Mac
@RoyBeck_NUSA how can you be so heartless to want to deport people that came to our country as children by their parents? #thisisalltheyknow
I just uploaded “WolfPack Fast startJTP” to #Vimeo:
Never put a wishbone were a backbone should be...
@wtwesq @theILchronicle Would take rauner over Madigan any day
Broosters Open Hearth Chicken on #Yelp: Had lunch with a friend here last week and the chicken was great as were th…
College🏫: $40,000💵 Wedding👰🏼: $30,000💵 House🏡: $600,000💵 New Car🚗: $50,000💵 Over $700,000 in debt your first few...
@UPS csr people are so lazy. If anyone who works in my business ever treated one of my customers this way I would fire them
@ups has so many systems in place customer service is an afterthought #awfulexperience

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Stay at home dad who is passionate about the idea of travel, making money and living full time.

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