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RT @mikeindustries: I did a wide-ranging podcast with @joewallin & @hivebrain about tech, product development, and politics:…
Podcast Episode #88 Adam Philipp - AEON Law @mypatents @hivebrain Thank you Adam for being on the show!
RT @LighterCapital: Check out @joewallin legal guide to revenue loans #startupfunding #entrepreneurs…
Really nice writing by @mikeindustries Thank you Mike!
"regret minimization framework" Great podcast: The Amazon IPO with original Amazon Board Member Tom Alberg
RT @ACAAngelCapital: Check out interview of @ACAAngelCapital's Marianne Hudson by @joewallin & Michael Schneider of The Law of Startups. ht…
Big Growth in Tiny Businesses
Episode #86 Jay Turner - CEO of Jeffmont and Redbird Sports
"the coffee problem" Scientists Seek the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Neil Gaiman: “The moment that you feel, just possibly, you ar...”
@MissDestructo @adamslieb No going away party yet. This is all very unlikely. But certainly fun to kick around. Thanks for the fun :)
Mr. Trump, put this man on the SEC! Investor group floats Seattle startup lawyer for regulatory role via @GeekWire
"please know that it’s often the tiny..." from "Tools of Titans: The..."
RT @NatBurgess: Enjoyed a freewheeling conversation with @joewallin on tech M&A- prepping a company, becoming relevant, process tips https:…
RT @wac6: Startup lawyer @joewallin talks w/ @toddbishop & @johnhcook abt @ACAAngelCapital idea of Joe on @realDonaldTrump SEC…
Fun podcast with @johnhcook @toddbishop
Podcast Episode #85 Nat Burgess - TechStrat @NatBurgess @hivebrain
Tax Free Founder Stock - The Startup Law Blog
Angels, Help Your Portfolio Companies Get $250K For Their R&D via @forbes
Tim Ferriss says a passage from a 1922 novel captures the approach every high performer takes…

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