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@chasecameron_ He will cry martyr to his 26% base even voted out. He's going kicking and screaming no matter when/how.
@chasecameron_ P.S. I hope you're doing well my man. Always good to see you on here and I appreciate the candid discussions.
@chasecameron_ That's why starting now is the best. Why wait and let it drag further. Both can be done at the same time.
@chasecameron_ Things can get worse. Even if nothing gets done. Things can get worse. Cut the losses. Pick up the p…
@chasecameron_ It's been six months of a downhill shitshow. You think it's not gonna get worse? Get him out and see…
@AmFmJen It says no minors in the background sign lawbreaker. (Great pic movie star)
@Mikedecicco @5280Orange Dressed in Locs and Khaki suits, and ride is what we do. Flossin' but have caution: we collide with other crews
@AmFmJen @Mikedecicco It's useful. And I could sell it if a joe howard ever becomes famous.
@Mikedecicco @AmFmJen Fixed.
@Mikedecicco @AmFmJen I only used it for when they make you "tweet this" to get something.
@Mikedecicco @AmFmJen Brb making alt account to like this reply more than once.
@shanehall31 Goooooooo Los Angeles dodge ers
@scottmlev @Bellagio594 You may have me confused with someone else. :) I don't think I've ever tweeted any poster designs.
@ZSheely @CaptainBronco @JohnReidy303 Troof! He's Kyle orton. But with skittles and a onesie instead of jack Daniels and some drunk babes
@MinimalBroncos If it's in the game, you can snatch a chain.
@Mikedecicco @lisahoward Not stubborn. Intelligent. SMRT.
@Mikedecicco @lisahoward Look. After tim Howard's night and sharing the same last name... I am a patriot after all
@mike_campbell @shawncampbell Have fun! Will there be feats of strengths for the title of mom's favorite son?

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