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@CMPKimberley @DerekMacEwen @ATRIM which island are you staying on?
What are the Maggies like? Well, here's a picture where the sand dunes join two of the islands... @atrim #atrim
This is Cafe De La Grave! Thee spot on the maggies! #ATRIM @ATRIM
@atrim brewery!
@CMPKimberley @DerekMacEwen @ATRIM by the ferry now tho :)
@CMPKimberley @DerekMacEwen @ATRIM le grave is furthest island south. Cafe de la grave is best spot for entertainment and beer here...
@DerekMacEwen @CMPKimberley @ATRIM let's worry about my English first ;)
@PEI_Stormchaser any chance for some thunder bumpers or water spouts?
@PEI_Stormchaser how long till Maggie's?
@CMPKimberley @ATRIM cafe du le grave tonight! :)
Some chocolate cake....mixed in with some manikins... atrim
@ATRIM thank you! First full day has past and now we are off to cafe de lag grave!
What a view on @atrim
Time to go hand gliding :)
#loveit atrim #atrim
What a beauty of a spot! On the Maggie's :) atrim #atrim
Bonjour atrim
@CMPKimberley @ATRIM cool I got another friend coming tomorrow too!
Goodbye #pei hello @atrim #atrim
@DerekMacEwen which iphone ya got? I might have an extra one for the 5/5s...

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