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@Raynercreek French river look off. Debating on staying out or crashing.
@Raynercreek you seen northern lights?
My goal tonight was to get some shots of some ugly cows. Instead I found a bunch of cute baby's that client won't use.
@Raynercreek that just north of sside on beach?
RT @Aurora_Alerts: In 60 minutes the Aurora Borealis should be Active. (4 Kp)
@BethPJohnston last time there was a next time was march/April! I didn't go! Been hoping for em for a while!
@BethPJohnston it's over...for now...they might become active again, just not in next hourish...didn't miss much
@UPEIAstronomy they've died down....gonna shoot some malpractice harbour while waiting..
@DveStewart @DerekMacEwen @Mortgagespei @hannahbethbell @80sPEI that's what I've read from plaza corp docs.
@UPEIAstronomy not yet. Am gonna stay out for a bit guys watching from town?
@Raynercreek @DerekMacEwen yeah I'm seeing that too!
@Raynercreek @DerekMacEwen in Darnley, not seeing enough to take camera out...
@Raynercreek @DerekMacEwen anything now?
@DerekMacEwen @Raynercreek how far north tho?
@Raynercreek look in that opening!! #northernlights!
@Raynercreek looks like clouds only go a bit west of sside....might be more then an opening...
@globalalexh where on pei will it be clear skies tonight?
Is it cloudy near Tignish? #pei
@Raynercreek cept for a small section to the north. Summerside?
#northernlights #pei

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