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Fisherman's Cove is 15 minutes outside #halifax More at: @haligoniaphotos @SeaAndBeScene
@HalifaxEditor @kathryn821 a friends father was gonna do this last week. I wasn't impressed.
At @Dalnews for media update on the "Misogyny, Sexism and Homophobia" report... #halifax
@1013TheBOUNCE and of course some wobbly pops from a craft brewing company on @atrim (amazing beer!)
@1013TheBOUNCE haha yeah. There would be lots more including soda water, pizza and chips
@1013TheBOUNCE rider list must include cucumber!
@MelanieMadrush anytime! Be sure to checkout @Village_Emp_NS while on oak island! great shop!
Epic way to start the morning with some great food being talked about on @CTVMorningAtl #bacon #yum
The control room at @CTVMorningAtl in #halifax
LIVE on #Periscope: Behind the scenes look at @ctvmorningatl
@Village_Emp_NS @MelanieMadrush yesterday they were sold they werent. Can have 150 people on a tour
@Village_Emp_NS i found the treasures! Secrets out and i left none! Muhahaha
#oakisland #novascotia has same problem as @StratfordPEI with sewage smells...
The #oakisland cast were at the oak island museum so i had a opportunity to snap a picture with them. @HISTORY
@JeffMathTweets @ExploreCanada they are shooting the third season now (m-f)
@greatbiggeek nope but i had great opportunity to ask lots of questions!
@JeffMathTweets @ExploreCanada it was great! Lots of info! I really shoulda watched the show before coming..
@MelanieMadrush museum is open during tours not during week. Tours are every 2nd weekend..1 person said no, 1 said yes :)
#oakisland tours areabout every 2nd week
Smiths cove on #oakisland

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