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Speaking French...cashier guessed I was from #chtown because of how nice I was. #cool. He's visiting Thursday. #pei
3 people standing in line, all saying no you go first...#CanadianProblems
@ericka_baron @ATRIM didn't go in, just a stop to snap a pic for Ya :)
@ericka_baron @ATRIM just driving by there :)
@Tim_Banks well deserved!
RT @jasoncoady: Amendment to the street vendors bylaw will receive 1st and 2nd reading at tonight's public meeting. @aldouglas @jmweb
The hot dog issue is one where it shows our city leadership is moving to make a difference. @islandmorning
@CTVMorningAtl it's a foggy day on @ATRIM
@3wildplums nope not sure what you mean by this....tho it sounds cool..
@3wildplums or old wooden bridges from nb?
@metz730 especially this winter? I hear it was plenty warm!
"I'm saying, let them be open 24 hours a day" said @MayorLeePEI. #GreatLeadership #kudos #freethemeat
@metz730 the North would be fun & cold! (As I listen to the wind blow)
@3wildplums haha yes or the ones that are about to fall down!
@metz730 where will you visit next?
@3wildplums indeed. Add in some beautiful east coast scenes...and voila.
@metz730 another one? That's incredible. You guys are very caring!!
@metz730 you have an adorable family. Kudos for becoming foster parents too!
@3wildplums something epic about the sound of the shutter click eh?
@metz730 that would be a nice trip! How old is your youngest?

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