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RT @RockStarLydia: .@BaitedTrap @OCEARCH @ChrisOCEARCH I was born to rock!🎸 Just happen to like it here at this time of the year.🐟🐳🐬 http:/…
PICS: Chtown staff remove manhole cover, Spud Hockey Tourn., walking dogs and moving car. #peistorm #atlstorm #pei
Fav pic this AM. A @Red_Shores employee looks out the window during todays storm. #peistorm #atlstorm #pei
RT @battisctv: Pretty easy to pick your Feb winter wear, unless you live in NS. @CTVNews
Been wanting to do something like this for a while. It's an awesome documentary on homeless in Vancouver. #pei
Farmers market #pei #peistorm
Parkdale seems to have the best snow clearing this morning. More plowed roads then rest of city. #pei
There's an ice breaker in this picture.... #pei #peistorm
@TheComicHunter curious on the responses.
Kudos Jim Day:
Gas is going up 2-4 cents a litre tonight. #PEI
Island Telecom Inc back in business.....really? @PEIGuardian #pei #huh
@bwoodacre @SamuelsCoffee nopers. Think downtown chtown.
Where am I? I'm lost again... #pei
Avoid University Avenue around McDonald's traffic is crazy busy
@TC_PEI my name at morriscode dot ca look forward to it.
@TC_PEI Yep, still doing lots!
In December I pegged @DavidDunphy to run for leader of Conservatives. Instead he's running for MLA for Liberals.
RT @ArleneDickinson: Dear kids, I was shy, awkward and not one of the popular crowd in school. I turned out okay. You will too.
RT @TEDTalks: "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."

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