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@Gary_Fisher There is a road No simple highway California 😀
@bikesnobnyc @nimo202 Doesn't royally screwed count?
@StevilKinevil I'm going to miss this place , I think. Remember. Going in but never remembered leaving. Damn, it's the Hotel California.
@pattonoswalt @leroys_dog Where in the world are people finding these anti-bible bibles. This house won't stand if the foundation crumbles.
@StevilKinevil Don't all women laugh at men?
@john_osborn @USATODAY Must be wrong, tweet now unavailable.
@Shmuli @bikesnobnyc This is true.
@leroys_dog Let's see, rented space in Trump Tower to the Russia mob. Mob boss is close to Putin. Etc etc etc.
@bikesnobnyc Well, they might be a little less needy if they didn't need to drive around to find a parking place. Get a bike.
@bikesnobnyc how about a lounge chair with pedals, epo enhanced dog biscuits, and fixer upper TV shows. Recumbent winter training.
@StevilKinevil @JimCassa Damn, I wish I knew someone in the cement business, and an engineer.
@leroys_dog @realDonaldTrump don't worry, he'll photoshop an extra 50000 more red hates into the picture.
@StevilKinevil I know I spent the day unhooked from the world on my bike.
@leroys_dog @realDonaldTrump yep, who got the rose with the thorns.
@StevilKinevil I dislike a few things in life, but I HATE fucking NAZIS. Use them for pinatas. Come on people, use your imagination.
@leroys_dog @realDonaldTrump it would take 300 ft high fence to hide his hair and his ego
@CNN it was movie night for the herd, thank God the jujubes were on a different truck.
@DDDrewDaniel big foot trumps small minds.
@leroys_dog just keep an eye on him. If he drags his rear across the carpet...
@leroys_dog ah, itchy? No, oh.....

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Jim Cassa gives psychic medium readings all over the world from his hometown in Melbourne.
Psychic medium Melbourne,clairvoyant readings, Melbourne medium,authentic accurate psychic readings, past life readings ,Australian psychic medium, Soul purpose readings, phone psychic readings, personal development coaching, spirit empowerment, Mind Body Spirit balance.

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