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@itstonybennett Wouldn't you love to come out with an original new #Christmas song this year? You can - just DM me for a link to the demo!
Wanted: music publishers interested in an original new #Christmas song. Please DM me for deets. #HoHoHo #music #holidays
@scottborchetta Not giving up, @scottborchetta! But it would be easier to keep going if you'd give my new…
Help me get my new #Christmas song to @macklemore or @itstonybennett by retweeting this! Who knows? Maybe a new #duet!
@scottborchetta An opportunity to pitch my new #Christmas song. Come on @scottborchetta!
RT @AnnTartre: Check out CEP's August newsletter, including a #business case study on #climate resilience I worked with my friends @GPROwne…
@macklemore - your new #Christmas song is waiting for you - DM me for a link to the demo. What do you have to lose?
Dear @itstonybennett - #Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, my #Christmas song demo is just a click away (DM me for the link!)
@comcastcares 72 hours to restore service is unacceptable. Even the phone company doesn't take that long!
Hey @BrunoMars - DM me for a link to your new #Christmas song! Published #ASCAP writer.
@scottborchetta I'm trying, I'm trying! Check out my new #Christmas song - could be perfect for a Big Machine artis…
Dear @itstonybennett: #Christmas will be here b4 you know it! Lock in an exclusive on your new #Christmas song by an #ASCAP writer. DM me!
Dear @macklemore - this is the perfect year to debut your new #Christmas song. What #Christmas song? The one I wrote - DM me for a link!
@scottborchetta Been putting in consistent hard work for decades now. Success will be when you check out my new…
Hey @macklemore! Hit me up for a link to a demo of your new #Christmas song! #ASCAP published songwriter. Check it out!
@scottborchetta I'm brave enough and I'm starting the conversation: hit me up via DM for a link to my new…
Merry #Christmas, @itstonybennett! Your gift is a shiny new #song for the #holidays by an #ASCAP published songwriter. DM for link to demo!
@scottborchetta I did it! Now one of your artists can have an original new #Christmas song by an #ASCAP published s…
@scottborchetta I did my new #Christmas song myself - and it's done well! Why not give it a listen? DM me for a lin…
RT @davidaxelrod: This guy is who he is. He's not changing. It's up to the rest of us, regardless of party, to decide who WE are.

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Strategic writer emphasizing annual and CSR reports. Playwright/lyricist working on a new musical opening in Oxford, England in 2012.

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