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Wala npd internet paita
7/10 http://t.co/tHfCESqtcI
10/10 missed this http://t.co/nQGQar3HsW
8/10 http://t.co/Pg2MmeMNfh
7/10 http://t.co/oPSz0ta8Td
Eww ka luod.. http://t.co/lKg0o9MByT
Se mhemhi buh ky gena sudlan nya syolofeyn ako short fants lagot much nyahaha Jimema Joy Batersal Agno
Mag dota jd ko pag uli buh haha
My TV Series List http://t.co/qQsT6mn9s0
good luck with that man http://t.co/Mck7pl5LWG
Movie rate 8/10 http://t.co/QnZXPNsoBn
Funny “English” Signs http://t.co/2beSOEGSMQ
What the pact did i jast red? http://t.co/ia7pCDBseH
Yati linog npd, mas kusog krn kysa gnha buntag
Nyahaha butong ta ninyo dha http://t.co/V8ku4wzbKP
yati nag linog
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/oINHIDdBze
it's about time http://t.co/QxwufEnygV

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