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Movie Rate 7/10 http://t.co/iIy3bjkAkt
puto kalamay reunion sa prison break brothers sa The Flash amazing si Lincoln laki ghpon si Michael expose na hahaha
Sancho baby. http://t.co/CyyWPl129v
Happy hearts (taghoy2x) http://t.co/8BCB5NPwPG
Pulling another all nighter, 3rd power pump http://t.co/nAbfh8iDzg
7/10 http://t.co/zuqRVymBxN
9/10 http://t.co/3NRSrwgnbc
igit nimo wala ka utang na loob, pag ka human sa akong maung butang nabuhat sa imha and this is what you repay... http://t.co/Sv7apbhJEp
Home Free - Ring of Fire (featuring Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix) [Johnny Cash Cover] http://t.co/ruadS3f2bl
tagam http://t.co/eWmNM9aBc0
My rare 6/10 http://t.co/cOJtu1UKac
back to work napd, haha minimize tulog and dota ani npd, pero cgi lng. I only have this week to bring my momentum and back to awesomeness
My rate 8/10 http://t.co/oYEvGiHyC6
Gigutom si mhe2 mwahahaha http://t.co/EryuwEDZOY
Hmm.... Ka boring (taghoy2x)
English only pls, my rate 5/10
Himala bongga fireworks krn haha
good to be back just in time for dinner

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