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Tip when trusting - always keep your guard up or else the people you trust sometimes will sucker punch you but... http://t.co/C31o6KUN48
What is that? Mwahahaha http://t.co/IdDHHRtRQ0
Paypal Not Available [Solved] | JF Agno WordPress Theme Developer and Project Manager in the... http://t.co/hNHCnRnSVo
Paypal Not Available? [Solved] http://t.co/74lMsPP55H
I was aiming for the heart but it turns out to something a little bit weird http://t.co/nEMrxozWR8
My rate on this is 7/10 http://t.co/CSgVmnTaHC
9/10 http://t.co/ASfxN6xfUn
ayay bagyo npd
Jason Francisco vs Manny Pacquiao http://t.co/x1l43EoqMU
hulat2 lang sa miss Silvia mo abot ra lagi si mr Rocky
my new kind of poison http://t.co/rkMDvNmyGO
cleaning out my server again
good morning miss Silvia thanks for the coffee bisag dli ganahan si Jimema og naa gatas pero lami dw (atikon kau) nyahaha
Jimema bago sayaw para sa imha maka http://t.co/CMZOwVPJAu
15 Things Highly Confident People Don't Do http://t.co/JvcZAzwMYc
The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day http://t.co/P5wJpfV2sR

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