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1974 reading cover to cover of George Orwell's 1984 listen here - Always hauntingly prescie…
Does so called #TrumpCare have the votes ? By cartoonist Deb Milbrath Want to fix healthcare ? We know the answer i…
I'm so sorry @DrJenGunter it's @Mike_Pence 's sick religion they worship #TaxCuts #MilitarySpending & the myth of t…
Hate to tweet about tv but ep 8 -amazing. 1945 Atomic-psychic-bursts of electronic light & dream-like fragmentary s…
#Film I made a few years back with a friend's vintage film strip art on Flower and Plant Reproduction #FlowerReport
Joni Mitchell - The Hissing Of Summer Lawns #AmazingRecord #CoolVideo #Property #Elegance #Melody #Summer
@SarahKSilverman the @GOP are such ghouls. I'm sure according to them -the elderly should pull themselves up by their walkers. #MedicaidCuts
@GOP says "not cuts 2 Medicaid we're trying 2 slow growth of the program" Slow growth as your policies actively make people sicker & poorer?
@_michaelbrooks great guest! Many of us have known for years GDP is not a way to measure the well being of the aver…
@Bobak9 Totally re: human rights over property rights. Also, I think we need a revolution in the way we/governments view capital overall.
@jerryquickley I'm me, jesse! Great show man! Powerful stuff -keep up the good work.
The Kinks - Animal Farm - Live at The Playhouse Theatre, 1968
RT @ImmortalTech: These sickos in Congress are really trying to kill these poor people who need that support. This ain't right to do to peo…
@Bobak9 Totally agree I'd expand your sentiment If we don't all come together behind the principle of humanity over profit we are all doomed
@jerryquickley kpfk Jerry Quickley?
RT @Bobak9: If we dont come together, we are ALL doomed
RT @_michaelbrooks: The age of humanism is ending
Pink Floyd 1971 Austrian music festival Atom Heart Mother. Was that Weather report were they there too ?
@keithalink I think the Tao Te Ching mentions this exact sentiment.
@keithalink Just trying to keep the voices at bay & the thermostat set to 72 degrees in the "talking head" -cooler…

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Artist and Silversmith Jesse Lee Jacobs. Truly glamorous custom jewelry. As seen on MTV, in fashion magazines, and galleries.

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