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RT @adammarx13: @rrhoover Who does your kitty designs? Cuz they're brilliant and I wanna buy that person a coffee 😃☕️
RT @benguild: Oh alright, so Apple specifically says to NOT use black bars. I guess maybe if you're using a "card" type layout you could us…
RT @ipfconline1: 2017 Conversational Social Networks: 28 User-Centric Usage Types @briansolis @JESS3 #DigitalMarketing #UX #SocialMedia #SM…
RT @jcunniet: Les outils marketing évoluent chaque jour ! Voici le nouveau panorama du Social Media 2017 par @briansolis & @JESS3. Bon débr…
RT @RaminNasibov: 3D Coke Sign in Times Square
RT @Strawburry17: I bought a mini toy laptop for my dog. So he can at least look like he's helping support this family.…
Graphics by @JESS3 🙂
RT @Zlatimeyer: .@amazon logo made out of ground beef at an LA-area @WholeFoods. #AmazonWholeFoods h/t @ChrisWoodyard…
RT @jamesaydelott: Dual-Pol Doppler data (cc) showing what is likely birds and bugs along for the ride in the eye Hurricane #Harvey #txwx h…
@ChrisReimer Thanks! 🙂
JESS3 #climatechange illustrations for an anonymous client 👻 Spot the easter egg? #damndirtyclimatechange 🙈
RT @elonmusk: First picture of SpaceX spacesuit. More in days to follow. Worth noting that this actually works…
9 yeas ago today we joined twitter. Thanks for all the LOLz!
Let's all celebrate the sun rising and setting sometime, it's way more fun. ☀️ 🌙
We are attending @PirateSummit in Cologne - Europe's craziest startup event on September 6-7th. #piratesummit
@diontimmermusic Hi! We can help, check us out at
@tristanwalker Totally! I saw this glossier promo at momofuku milk bar
@briansbaran It feels like giving up. If you can't get wet then you weren't properly prepared or tough enough.
Dear God, If you want us to impeach Trump, just give us a sign. Like blot out the sun, anytime in the next week.
It's never too late to do the right thing.

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Jesse Thomas, founder and CEO of JESS3™, a creative agency known for data visualization. Email ( or @ us if you have questions. We are hiring!!!!!!

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