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Country music lost two good ones today. My condolences to the Gentry and Williams families.
Thanks to @DustinHerring10 and farmingfeeds for the new hat
@1025TheGame how many super bowl rings does the Vikings have with Peterson. Elite QB is a game changer. Elite RB is great but not enough
Honored to be apart of this!!
"Hit The Ground" recorded at the blue bar at my birthday party two…
#thomasthetankengine takes a truck ride
Monday Night, Two Hour Round.
Tonight. Music starts at 8:00
#bubbles #take2 #emerycarson
RT @brothersosborne: 🎶"Gone country. Flat billed cap. Gone country. Knows how to rap. Gone country. Playing to tracks. Gone country! " 🎶
@DeshaunWatson4 checking out his new bling. Congrats guys and thank you!
No more singing but let's talk about stuff
Let's hang out. Got my guitar in hand
If not for #allergy meds I feel certain I would have already grown gills and live under water every #spring
Playing @RowFreakshow in a couple hours. If your around #Nashville come out and say hello
Can't wait to play Music Row Freak Show tomorrow night. Come out and hear some really talented…
@DeshaunWatson4 way to keep your composure down behind enemy lines. Proud of you! #TunnelVision #ALLIN #keepcalm #chiveon
Take 2 ???
Playing a few tunes....
😂😂😂#emerycarson #banana #cantquitwatching

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