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@eddie Yeah, every specialty has its arcana.
@eddie Cite your sources.
Finished day 5 in Phoenix and found this happy reminder
@kateconger I love the "we can do better" (sorry not sorry) meme among corporate comms teams these days. Doublesp…
RT @estria: Hooking it up. #melemurals #anahola #Kanuikapono
RT @unicorn: Thanks to Nathan for donating to #humanride !!! Puts us over $1100!
RT @unicorn: Hottest day I've been on a bike. 105 on the last mile. Excited to get out of this amazing valley and into the hills tomorrow.…
@brettgoulder @unicorn At the front gate there's a warning that "this is a clothing optional facility". Nothing before that.
RT @goldman: The White House's site promises a response within 60 days to petitions that cross the 100k threshold. The Trump admin has resp…
@unicorn Yeah, I was looking at the same google results as you. Nothing about nudist, but totally cool nonetheles…
@AndresLD big breakfast ;) Also, really trying not to push anything until we know how we react to this ride.
Earning our tacos today.
RT @MooseAllain: Bumped into a friend in town who was pushing his baby around. Horrible to see a grown man bullying a poor defenceless baby…
@mrtall Don't fuck it up Andy. Also, I'm sure you won't/will to immeasurable degrees who cares? You made 1/2 a baby…
@FucckJerm yes, wait, no.
thanks to @NeenHi , @unicorn, @DrShlain and @beyondaero I’m about to start a ride that would have been impossible for me 6 years ago.
@sippey notice how his chin doesn’t touch his shoulder and create a massive hook? cc: @realDonaldTrump
RT @swear_trek: been there
@unicorn Could you see it?
@unicorn Yeah just let me get a few things together 😜

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