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@iansomerhalder Why did I not know you were coming.. I would have cooked you dinner!!!!! xxxx Jenni Brisbane Australia
@iansomerhalder oh my.. are you in Australia still??? Very cool if you are...
Sitting with the kids in the pool.
Everyday hurts more. You are my every breath.
You are the reason. About everything. You. Yes you. Thank you for coming into my world
I miss you terribly. It's hard not being able to talk and text everyday. I love you
@ARoadRetraveled I do.
I can't believe what you said last Wednesday. It can't be true.
Feels terribly lost. Need to find myself just not sure how or if I will like what I find
Wishes that the direction was clearer so I could make the right moves. Head. Heart. Head. Heart.
Nothing like drinking and then following day standing on your vibration machine to shake all the remains up! Urghh
Happy birthday Jason for tomorrow.
Is wondering when she got so old that she considered 10.30 too late to be out??? Lol. Boy don't they make dresses short nowadays!
@darrenhayes what training. I survived scout training. Lol.
@bondgyrl happy birthday!!! Have a super awesome day.
Omg I can't move today. Too much clean up Australia Day activities yesterday. Did good.
Thanks Michelle for the chat and the laugh. Needed that! We need to do it more often. Xxxxxx
Why is it that on your day off your head hurts????
Morning everyone. Already sooo soon. Lol. But at least it's Friday!!!! Wohoo.
I am so buggered. Night everyone. Yes it's night time in oz! Check me out while I sleep

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