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{new blog post }People thought I was crazy to paint my front door this color, but I totally wasn't. Right?
There is 1 dress every girl should buy for summer. This is it, and the price is very right:
@magnoliapr Thank you for the should out! It was such a fun post to write!
My shortlist of running-after-a-kid-approved wedges for summer: #shoes #momlife
Yes, doing fashion segments is fun. But a 4 minute spot is also a ton more work than I think anyone would imagine:
These jeans are under $70 and rival every designer pair in my closet, for real.
Why I decided to take my 5 year old to Alabama for the weekend: #cousins #familytravel
Last thing I need is more mail-but when these arrive monthly I am thrilled (not to mention better read & groomed):
I used to think sleeveless sweaters sounded silly til I figured out why they totally aren't:
Sharing shopping tips & 2 pairs I (unexpectedly) fell in love with on @MitchellsStore blog:
Because I couldn't handle one more unicorn-fairy-glitter bedtime story sesh w/my daughter:
The perfect white t-shirts, FOUND! Here are the top 5 for any style preference & body type
Defining Moments in Motherhood: Handling our first mean girl moment, today on the blog:
Sale PSA: Up to 25% off at my most favorite style site. Click here:, code is BIGEVENT16. #springstyle #SALEALERT
Oh, you're a glutton for those "kids grow up so fast" mom blog posts too? Then you will TOTALLY get why I did this:
These affordable & temporary touches make my home an infinitely happier, more whimsical place: #playroom #decor
You think if you give up a high powered career you will only talk about carpool drama at cocktail parties? Not true:
The leggings that make you look like a spin instructor from waist down now come in sleek solid black, a must own:
Binge buying this- the only basic I have ever found to be a true wardrobe triple threat
Required pre #SB50 reading, courtesy my secret ambition to report for women on behalf of the NFL

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