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RT @doctorow: Brute-force Iphone password guesser can bypass the 10 guess lockout
RT @Grumpntug: Just found this blog that is all @TroveGame It's awesome to see stuff like this pop up it's just awes…
@whereisSQL we should meet up and catch up sometime though. Let me know what works for you.
@whereisSQL wow haven't heard from you in a while! Hope you're doing well. I doubt it, but I'll let you know if I have a change of heart.
@lawpower Makes sense. It's what I meant by timing. I suppose even a small percentage of Twitter's user base will justify the niche.
How are @AppMeerkat & @periscopeco aiming to be different from other live stream services & what Qik was before @Skype? Better timing?
@ellenich perhaps an upgrade to lightning if not. I think there are features specific to iDevices / lightning that usb can't do. We'll see!
@ellenich Also has the faster flash. Next iPhones/iPads/iPods might too. LIGHTNING could also DIE. June/July will be nuts.
“5 ideas for Apple Watch” by @mattink
RT @CNET: Meet Japan's futuristic nurse - a giant robotic teddy bear
RT @SChhen: Steve Jobs was in Big Hero 6? Wha!?! #Disney #bh6
@lawpower that's good practice! Good luck.
@lawpower that makes sense. Maybe sometimes an effect of fire to the sides and on the top instead? I dunno. Keep it up!
@lawpower ah here it is! and YT
@lawpower good job! I like it better without the walls and ceiling personally. Reminds me of an old NES game. I'm failing to recall the name
@garywhitta Maybe to avoid confusion with the original series and since 22 was the most recent? Who knows!?
RT @mrtnkl: Pebble teases new model, sources say thinner watch with color screen in the works
RT @idiot: how to spot a web designer:
@Faliable cool -- hope you like it... Let @TroveGame know! Enjoy!
@Faliable well that's bizarre! sorry! hit, click the "Install Glyph" in the top left & install Trove from that app

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