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RT @nathansmith: As it turns out, client side (JS) templating is measurably "okay" to use for web apps. Even on mobile……
RT @hnshah: Things Back to the Future Kinda Got Right About 2015
Seems like @Medium is doing interesting localStorage & AJAX to track stats. Anyone broke this down? I'd love to understand this more! :)
If anyone can help get me into the #Sling beta, let me know. Would love to try it out. #cordcutting @Sling $SATS Any possible XBMC support?
I love competition! -- AT&T brings back the rollover -- but this time, it's all about data via @CNET
RT @BillGates: Cheers to this engineering miracle. A machine that turns poop into tasty drinking water:…
@waxpancake good point & suggestion. He plays the occasional iPad/iPhone game. I've been wanting to try NES games. Wife says no so far. :)
.@waxpancake great article! Why 4? I'm itching to introduce my 3yr old son to video games, but it may be too soon.
A little cold, but a great way to spend the morning with family. (@ Happy Hollow Park & Zoo) on #Yelp
RT @cdixon: Guess what's going to happen 2015-2020...
RT @Revision3: Amazon Prime is now offering one hour delivery... if you live in Manhattan.
@jasondcurry I've used these guys before, but I'd agree with @alden. This sounds like a DIY issue.
Pretty happy with my iPhone 6 battery life so far
Syfy's Dave Howe on New Strategy, "Frustrating" 'Defiance' Experiment and More 'Sharknado' - The Hollywood Reporter
RT @infamous_BeMag: Erik Bailey: Valo Promo Edit in the Making: The emblematic Valo pro rider and sweatstance master Erik Bailey i... http:…
@lawpower We are doing gymnastics on Saturday mornings for Nathan too. It is mostly girls, but there are a few boys.
RT @smashingmag: Taking a closer look at the <select> element: by @hanserino
@lawpower I used it for the first time at mcd's. Then I forgot to get something and my thumb was too wet the second time and it didn't work
Launch of Orion EFT-1 via @YouTube
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