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I checked in at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo on #Yelp
RT @whale: “Junior Designers vs. Senior Designers” by @joulee
RT @michaelmartinho: New Site. Softly
Thoughts on this MacBook Pro 15"? Save $1000 for a slightly older, slower cpu, gpu. Also half the ram/storage though.
@lawpower they r on cheap feature phones
@lawpower nice. I'm considering changing our family plan. Hesitant to drop unlimited data. Maybe upgrade my wife's to 6 & my parents to 5c's
@lawpower which one did you get?
@jeffcannata @cocoacast probably issues with the servers. I'm getting different availability results randomly. Which model do you want?
@cocoacast @Apple I was only able to see the 128GB silver iPhone 6 as available.
Is the 128GB Silver iPhone 6 the only one still available or is my app all messed up?
Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch
@TheWoollyBully wow, that was simply great. What a difference the delivery and scope of a product launch can make! :)
Great ad! Rewind the Future.: via @YouTube
@ellenich it's interesting, but I am concerned that the Apple watch is more of an answer to a question nobody asked. Time will tell. ;)
RT @ellenich: This thread from 2001 about the original iPod announcement is very telling–
@stowball I'm guessing there's other details I'd miss with android too. My iPhone 5 is still great. I mostly need to upgrade my wife's 4! :)
@stowball I'm unfamiliar with it, but does not work as well as the iOS Twitter client? Or do you mean 3rd party?
RT @davemorin: Did not forget about Dre.
RT @obrien: Wonder if Katie Cotton is sitting at home, pulling her hair out over the crappy #AppleLive stream?
RT @idiot: iPhone 6 Plus size comparison:

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