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This @CNBCFastMoney clip shows what's wrong with old TV. Couldn't finish the segment. :(
RT @sacca: Thanksgiving is just an episode of Chopped where we all scramble to make the most of a gross bird that no one eats the rest of t…
Dismissing (x) notifications on my lock screen always seems to end with a line underneath the date. @tim_cook $AAPL
Use my referral link to get a $5 coupon at Amazon for signing into the Amazon App the first time: #Amazon
RT @itzkirb: New artwork for sale! - "Wing Support" - @fineartamerica
The color is so awesome on these LG OLED 4K displays. I need to replace my old DLP HDTV. @LGUS ;) #OLEDisHere #sweepstakes
GTA V - Graphics Study - Adrian Courrèges
RT @jasonschreier: Just wait until Activision's parents find out how much they just spent on this free-to-play game
RT @SChhen: Won the Halloween costume contest at work today! @citrix @CitrixCX #Halloween #jackskellington #iamthepumpkinking…
Scythe's Trove Equipment Forging Tutorial ✪ HOW TO GET EASY RADIANT GEAR... via @YouTube
How to Play Atlas Reactor: Simultaneous Turns via @YouTube
NASA spacecraft plunges through Saturn moon's icy spray
RT @gavinpurcell: Great post from @wilw on rebooting your life after 40. Weirdly, I've done each of his suggestions this year too. https://…
RT @stowball: I can't believe there's been a debate going for over 2 years for @SassCSS to support variables with `calc()`…
RT @PlayStation: Everything you need to know about the Star Wars Battlefront Beta on PS4:
RT @adambain: .@jack has the insight as well as the moral authority as a founder to push teams to make big, bold changes to @twitter.
RT @tim_cook: Remembering Steve for who he was and what he stood for. We honor him by continuing the work he loved so much.…
RT @CitrixCEO: Model X Unboxing at my home... a preview
RT @Mixergy: David Heinemeier Hansson Debunks Common Myths About Entrepreneurship - and Commits Blasphemy! http://t…

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