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@ATTDeals ^Mandy, thanks for the reply. We have 2 lines grandfathered unlimited & want to add maybe 4GB for the other 2. Possible?
JB iOS7 on iPhone 5 vs iOS8? Old 5 & 4 will go to my parents soon as my Wife & I plan to go 6. Considering @TMobile over @ATT too. Thoughts?
Please put this app back on the appstore $AAPL @tim_cook. Just found & feel like I missed out! (or built it into iOS)
RT @lawpower: Get the Monday morning creative juices flowing with the most amazing music video of the year.
RT @Gizmodo: Consumer Reports bend test pits iPhone 6 Plus against the competition
@ellenich a few more features would kill my need for xbmc htpcs too. Yes, I have an over engineered entertainment setup. :)
@ellenich they could destroy redbox with the right pricing - assuming netflix-like functionality, entry level $49 appletv & new $99 2014 ATV
@lawpower racer 5 and lagunitas both make great ipas too.
RT @rags: While you were complaining this weekend about 16GB, Apple made $940M just from that quirk
RT @vivian: This ASL rendition of @Pharrell's "Happy" by the @DeafFilmCamp is just so wonderful.
List price $0. Oops @Walmart.
RT @MikeyNoWay: San Jose update - NB 101 at Tully Rd, matress on fire in center divide is no longer a problem. "Why" is a mystery to me but…
@ellenich drop tests show easy breakage.
@ellenich hope you got a case!
Thanks for the ice cream! Yum! @benandjerrys @BenJerrysTruck @BenJerrysWest
RT @kauf: Ad of the Day: Gatorade's Epic Farewell to Derek Jeter Will Be Tough to Beat | Adweek
@ChrisPirillo congrats!
RT @ErikJHeels: iPods/iPads shrink yet iPhones grow. Apple needs an iPhone Classic so I don't have to put a giant phone in my pocket: http:…
@ellenich one day until I see you tweet, it's just... So big! ;)
@lawpower Trello has a web interface too.

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