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RT @visitsandiego: A sign that @Comic_Con is in town... #LostPup
RT @AtlasReactor: We'll just leave this right here....
RT @shauninman: Looks like someone left the Netflix logo on too long so it paused itself and is asking if we're still watching: https://t.c…
Native #tweetstorm idea: post longer than 140, icon shows storm. Backward support is handled by 1/ 2/, etc. @twitter
And why risk the ticket when Bluetooth is cheap and Siri can text for you?
RT @MrLeonardKim: How To Immediately Drive Authentic Social Media Growth, @nicolascole77 via @Inc
RT @Alex_Connolly: Multiplayer TBS for the Overwatch Gen - my spiel on the riotous @AtlasReactor:…
@ellenich yes! Vive is the closest we'll get to a holodeck for a while. PSVR looks great too and I think it will be a big mainstream success
@ellenich I'm confused... did you end up ordering everything VR or what?
RT @Learn_Things: Simplest Motor made with a magnet, AA battery, and a copper wire
RT @RatingsNetwork: Apple given $120.00 PT by Morgan Stanley. buy rating. $AAPL #AAPL
Did not expect this strong of a comeback on $AAPL and sold too early (limit order). Surprised there hasn't been a pull back yet.
RT @jack: Watch with Twitter here: #OKCvGSW
@AskRobinhood thanks for the update! Glad it's in the roadmap & not just something that makes me go :( every time I try it. 👍🏼 love the app!
When is the "ALL" button going to work in @RobinhoodApp ?
Traded $MGT for a small gain today. Didn't have the guts to stay in it! Rest of market was horrible today.
RT @AtlasReactor: NOW: Team NVIDIA streaming #AtlasReactor 6-9pm PST - followed by our own Muzzy & PJU at 9pm PST!
Play Atlas Reactor with me!
RT @sacca: Most people don't realize that Instagram pics don't show up within Twitter because Instagram cut off that access.
LIVE on #Periscope: Beach

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