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My son didn't complain at all this morning about me putting his shoes on! Then he took them off. 😞
RT @idiot: How to shoot yourself in the foot in any programming language:
Just completed a 2.01 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
@ellenich yah, the iPhone app is still pretty minimal and I like it, but if they bring over the crazy desktop view I'm out!
RT @richardbranson: From pretending to buy an island to impress a girl, to buying #NeckerIsland & marrying her there
Just saw that A9 is looking for CSS5 experience for one of their open web jobs. :)
@ellenich that's a great run! Keep it up. I need to get back into it. :)
@lawpower good job! I need to get on that too! Never shipped anything!
@elektrotal It's a beautiful day! Get out of the house if you're that bored. :)
just started playing Calibre 10 Racing Series.
@iamdanielkinney epic slow no was a little too slow for me! :)
RT @michaelmartinho:
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Sang in 20 Styles) Ten Second Songs: via @YouTube
RT @Yahoo: WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ player stuns Pat Sajak by solving puzzle with two letters visible:…
RT @jdobrolecki: App launch disaster. @starbucks losing it’s social PR groove. A little authenticity would go a long way. #marketing http:/…
Haha, yes @HamlinRacing @Starbucks. Free Oprah Chai tea for everyone. :)
RT @HamlinRacing: Since they missed the date @Starbucks should give every customer who pays w/the new #starbucks app (whenever it releases)…
At the very least, listen to the last 2 min and 43 sec: - Mark Cuban Interview
“6 Steps to Launch a $1,000,000 Crowdfund” by @zac_park
Rewinding to Betamax: The path to consumers’ “right to record”

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