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@ATT @ATTDeals do I get the $100 credit if we want to move a line from another AT&T plan? And $100 for buying online?
I checked in at The Sandwich Spot on #Yelp
Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"
Cook: Apple Pay already industry best
@jasondcurry Cool! Our 2nd boy will be here soon. We just try to make time for dates & financial planning when not working. :) Always busy.
@jasondcurry Doing well! Just never enough time in the day. And you?
RT @lawpower: It's live! Timmy Learns: Shapes and Colors, my first game in over two years and the first one using Unity3D.…
RT @LeeRosen: 3 Reasons Why Work-Life Balance Is A Stupid Ideal
RT @hnshah: The 3-Step Method To Explain A Product The Apple Way
@jasondcurry that actually sounds pretty Delish based on the ingredients. Love the address the best though. :)
@ATTDeals On the family share plan, is my FAN 24% disc applied to the base family plan? I.e. $130 for 30GB (promo) -> $98.80. Anything else?
RT @Revision3: A quick look at the all new #Android 5.0 Lollipop:
@lawpower that's awesome! Seems like you've been with Cisco for so long. Must be a big change for you. Hope you enjoy it.
@lawpower very cool! What's the new job? Congrats!
RT @scottbudman: Apple: "It's been way too long." Oct. 16th $AAPL
RT @nathansmith: Based on a conversation with @mbxtr — Rearrange things vertically, independent of source order… /cc…
I checked in at Lemos Farm on #Yelp
I checked in at Roaring Camp Railroads on #Yelp
RT @elonmusk: About time to unveil the D and something else
@ATTDeals ^Mandy, thanks for the reply. We have 2 lines grandfathered unlimited & want to add maybe 4GB for the other 2. Possible?

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