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Nice to see a few clients on this list. :) Venture Atlanta's 2018 "Top 10 Atlanta Companies to Watch" List - Ventu… https://t.co/v4HedVY85R
Nothing here surprises me, but it might surprise you. Future of Design in Start-Ups: 2017 https://t.co/6SoRRXHPJp
The ROI of Design: 1. Great design (visual, interaction, etc) builds trust. 2. Trust reduces cognitive load. 3. Re… https://t.co/rWMPU4nSKj
BMW acquires Parkmobile parking app to help tackle city traffic https://t.co/iNTSbLPDtO
“Understanding what people want and designing things that satisfy them is the most powerful way to achieve business… https://t.co/WMcH5WXj73
If you'd like to increase engagement (as this tweet suggests) I recommend linking to content that's not behind an a… https://t.co/25NKULGtUx
RT @HarvardBiz: Finding the right people is not a matter of “culture fit.” https://t.co/4mGzedTAPM
Hey Ruby/Rails developers... here's an awesome opening with one of our clients. Especially if you love hip-hop. https://t.co/kPdviKm4cV
Hawaii missile false alarm due to badly designed user interface, reports say https://t.co/4EtD15qHji
Congrats to Committee to Protect Journalists (@pressfreedom) for being awarded a $1,000,000 grant by HFPA at the @goldenglobes!
RT @pressfreedom: Congratulations to @ICIJorg, fellow recipient of a @goldenglobes grant! Here, CPJ’s @joelcpj with ICIJ founder Chuck Lewi…
@blondegeek It’s just a great bourbon that’s been hard to find of late. They underproduced a few years ago and it t… https://t.co/COHAk2Ro2m
Finally found some #blantons. Cheers to a happy new year! #bourbon #whiskey #whisky https://t.co/46C6Q05rhU
RT @beep: Listenin’ to @snookca, @jina, @jc, and @Brilliantcrank chat about design systems, their careers, and, well, everything: https://t…
@sn00pd0ggyd0gg @snookca @jina @Brilliantcrank Glad you enjoyed it! You can follow @designdrivenbiz here and get em… https://t.co/j1NGPS6Mkd
RT @snookca: What happens when folks are drinking and decide to talk design and industry. (with @jina and @brilliantcrank; thx @jc) https:/…
Had so much fun recording this episode of @designdrivenbiz with @Brilliantcrank, @jina, and @snookca. Grab a cup o… https://t.co/TcJHM0UWMo
Looks like I might have figured out how to make bread. #ciabatta https://t.co/UtxqmQ8cuy
@volanStudio @hagel Maybe. “Digital” feels like an added (perhaps unnecessary) detail, though.
Too much confusion with the term “PM”. Is that a Project or Product Manager? Let’s all agree: PDM = Product Mana… https://t.co/WcTFnRQQly

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