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Have a personal relationship with spirit; invite them in every day in every way and your life will dramatically improve. –JN
Spirit has a much higher & vastly detailed vantage point; therefore, they can effectively guide you for your highest benefit. –JN
When you invite the higher vibrations of spirit into your field, they heal you, transforming mental, emotional and physical imbalances. –JN
Voice channeling is not a supernatural gift that only some people are born with. It is an innate spiritual ability within all of us! – JN
If you are reacting to a situation instead of freely observing it, look within & find the belief creating your instinctual reaction. –JN
We have come to an era in the evolution of the human species where we are being invited to live from our spiritual nature, our soul. -JN
If you only heal a symptom, you might be missing out on a wonderful opportunity to truly heal yourself! -JN
To “heal” is to understand, and to reveal, your state of being. Once you do this, you have the power to change it!
God wants to touch the world through all of us today! -JN
When a loved one feels unhappy it doesn’t mean you are in conflict with them. You can be in peace & connection with spirit always. -JN
Each day, may you take a courageous step into your humble power. –JN
Be flexible & have faith in your spiritual guidance changing your direction & you will achieve more, faster & with greater peace. – JN
Don’t get hung up on how Spirit brought you to this point, just know that Spirit brought you here. - JN
Adonai voice channeled through me and said, “the way to encourage people to love themselves is to let them be loved by spirit.”
Spiritual Healing Exercise: Breathe in slowly, deeply and feel spirit. Feel spirit with you. Feel spirit’s love. Feel spirit’s embrace. -JN
interacting with the person criticizing you, it could be releasing them altogether, or it could be anything in between. -JN
from taking on the criticism. Ask the question, “How am I to serve in this moment?” “What is purposeful in this moment?” It could be...
When you witness criticism from the outside world, connect deeper with your soul and your spiritual guides, so you can stay detached...
Spirit asks us to know in our heart, soul & body what is best for us. Tune in now & discover what aligns with your heart, soul & body! –JN
Remember always, no matter what was said or done, you are lovable and magnificent beyond measure. –JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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