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Distrust of other people muffle's our soul's essence, our beautiful innocence. - JN
Compassion is our soul's essence where we accept all of life. Can you think of something to accept more of today? - JN
To break down walls between yourself and another, first break them down within yourself. - JN
Children deeply sense and take in everything in their surroundings whether it is apparent or not. - JN
Out-of-body meditation dis-empowers your soul from gaining experiences that it would otherwise receive when you are grounded.- JN
Compassion is experienced when we love unconditionally, bringing us peace and harmony inside and out. - JN
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The time is now to heal our imbalances and end generational cycles, for the sake of our children! - JN
If you are not fully present, you are not fully grounded. Breathe deeply into your body until you feel fully present. - JN
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4 Steps to Use Automatic Writing to Channel Spirit for Answers and Healing *New Video. http://t.co/YKjHCG88uZ
Your spiritual guidance is with you now, working with you, in your transformational journey for your soul. - JN
Choose your soul and be the miracle on Earth. - JN
How do we not attach to another person? By staying centered and grounded within our own energies. - JN
Before responding to another, take a moment to breathe and release to communicate from your soul versus being reactionary. - JN
How do you know when you are living authentically? You accept yourself by being the same person with everyone. - JN
Attachments are like energetic ropes. Set an intention and release it to the universe freely instead of holding on to it. - JN
Breathe in & out with each phrase: http://t.co/lGRKPGXWWY Use this by being present with your eyes open – as a living, breathing meditation

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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