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Your key is to get grounded so you can have total wellbeing. I share 3 quick grounding exercises here: http://t.co/qh1Q8jUKfZ
See divine beauty within yourself and celebrate it by seeing the divine beauty in others. - JN
Remain the observer and see through the eyes of your soul to see things beyond your mind's reach. - JN
If we trust, are clear and discern the highest intuitive truth in each moment, we are doing the best we can. - JN
Some will accept me and some will reject me. It's a fact and it's okay. - JN
Let’s integrate intuition back into how we communicate so all humans will be able to understand each other. - JN
Relationships exist to help us achieve our life purpose. - JN
See how vulnerable you can be today with people. Share your heart and soul. - JN
The essence of change is first recognizing your perspective will change. - JN
Seize the power of love through the power of spirit. - JN
The greater you are aligned with your soul’s nature, the greater your soul may lead. - JN
Love is unconditional. It does not need to be earned. - JN
The things we accept in ourselves and others unify us. Unity is accepting, not agreeing. - JN
Relax and allow everything to be as it is. Surrender to spirit moving your life. - JN
Love is unconditional. Rethink your relationship if it is characterized by judgment and criticism. - JN
True love is about loving someone for who they are...imbalances and all. - JN
Respect is honoring another’s free will. - JN
If we set our intention to listen with our intuitive ears, other people’s true intentions will be better understood - JN
Playing is the vibration of the soul. – JN
See through the personality and into people's souls. - JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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