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What part of you can be more relaxed? http://t.co/twepUSctQH
Be still and listen to the subtle messages your body, mind, emotions and spirit is giving you. -JN
Can you be honest with your discomforts and appreciate something about them?
#TruePeace http://t.co/W7W664Asqc
When you choose to love and appreciate something uncomfortable it transforms. -JN
Soul-based communication = Align your words and emotions with your soul’s truth. -JN
Soul-based living transforms discomforts into opportunities. What is uncomfortable that you can grow from?
Gratitude for this moment. http://t.co/0XLY2hbO1q
What do you do to promote LUCK in your life? Here's my answer to, "Do lucky charms work?": http://t.co/XFJJ4hoJAx
Essential and current -must have- information for authors!! I've used her suggestions for publishing my books. http://t.co/TKbJKSxDpu
You can Create More Wealth By Valuing Yourself. Check this out: http://t.co/dL0ekJF2lt
If your emotional body is in balance, you are transparent and in-touch with your feelings, sharing them freely. - JN
If your spiritual body is in balance, you utilize your intuition and connection with your soul and God to live in harmony. - JN
Do you allow other's thoughts about you to reflect how you feel about yourself? Remember you are one with the Creator and are perfect.- JN
A balanced "knower" has a humble knowing, able to change their mind at anytime... able to know something different in the next moment. - JN
Today try to see through God's eyes for a moment...an abuser is loved and accepted exactly the same as a newborn baby. - JN
How do you live from your soul? In every situation ask, 'How would I proceed if I saw this through the eyes of unconditional love?' – JN
To step out of hiding, step into accepting. Accept every part of yourself and be present with who you are now. - JN
How do you feel safe? Know you aren't born and you don't die, you simply transition from one experience to the next for eternity. - JN
Are there many types of love or just one? Let me know what you think once you read my article: http://t.co/tQBCv1kLoZ

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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