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Base your hope, safety and peace on a connection to Spirit that is always present and never changes. –JN
You can live your life determining your peace, hope and safety based on external values or you can throw that approach out all together -JN
Everybody’s experience of Spirit is different and each of our awakenings to Spirit is unique. -JN
Remember that the things that come up in life are a gift from the Divine & you will feel safe & in control in the arms of God. -JN
It can be liberating to know that even when you feel out of control you are operating from a belief that desires to be reactive. -JN
Remember that we can love and accept each other and strongly disagree. –JN
May you see your choices in every moment and empower yourself to choose from your soul! -JN
Your mind is the key to bending and completely changing reality. -JN
Healing is natural and can take many forms. Heal one part of yourself, one area of your life, and every other part of you is affected. -JN
What does "get out of your own way" mean to you? For many, it’s something like "get out of your mind and into your heart." -JN
Help children understand that since God does not judge who to love and be present with, neither do we. -JN
How important is it to you to fulfill your purpose, both on a micro moment-to-moment level and a macro lifetime level? Please share.
You are able to heal yourself and the power is within you now to create ongoing and lasting change. -JN
The key to getting kids to respect others is to respect kids in the way that you want to be respected. -JN
Think of every precious moment you have on this planet as a moment to serve God, and how can you do that best. -JN
Did you know that you are a natural healer? Your instincts are a great indicator of your innate ability to heal. -JN
If you listen to what your symptoms are actually sharing with you on a deeper level, you will be empowered with real solutions. -JN
Purpose as our #1 isn't always comfortable/desirable. At times it will be uncomfortable/undesirable bc our goal is spiritual growth. -JN
Maximizing our time and energy is possibly the most important concept to aid us in completing our spiritual goals in this life. -JN
When children are old enough to ask questions, they are old enough to receive answers. -JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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