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I am one of the teachers interviewed on Intuition, Prophecy & Visions. Join us: https://t.co/bxWJqvV42o https://t.co/uqJhQQ4IVj
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Use your natural intuitive senses to see, feel, hear and know all of Creation. Free event with global Psychics: https://t.co/bxWJqvV42o
I’m sharing the same tools I’ve used personally to overcome any challenge, on Self-Coaching, Love & Freedom, here: https://t.co/QcUqRiFRWG
When I heal and transform something now, versus years ago, the transformation is deeper and faster. What I do:… https://t.co/qsedHxDa0c
While challenges are part of living they don’t have to weigh you down & hold you back. I coach myself & you can too: https://t.co/QcUqRiXtlg
Everything around you is supporting you. Do you believe this? - JN
Why step into your power? To know yourself & honor your soul's purpose on the planet. What can you do that would feel courageous today? -JN
Do the people around you support your goals in life? If not, it is time to surround yourself with like-minded, supportive people. - JN
Connect with people. Every good friend was once a stranger. - JN
Declare with me: I love and accept myself unconditionally. I am perfect just the way I am! - JN
All universal laws that govern our existence are manifested from love. - JN
You are safe with spirit because all spirits follow universal laws founded upon unconditional love and the highest benefit of all. - JN
Befriend change and you befriend God! Can you see God in the changes happening right now in your life? - JN
Look at dating as making a new friend, to learn and connect with another soul, without being attached to an outcome of intimacy. - JN
The dream state enables us to vent excess mental and emotional energy absorbed through the day and grow. Any interesting dreams lately?- JN
If your partner is not lifting you into your highest life purpose, teach them how they can support you. - JN
When dating, do you share your truth or augment yourself to be accepted by the other person? - JN
Do nothing from obligation. Instead take responsibility for your actions and seize your power! - JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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