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This moment will never happen again. Seize it now and hold nothing back! - JN
Relationship happiness, peace and longevity depend on two people working towards the similar goal of personal transformation. - JN
Do the people around you support your goals in life? If not, it is time to surround yourself with like-minded, supportive people. - JN
Would you rather your spiritual guidance work with what your personality is COMFORTABLE with or with what your personality is CAPABLE of?
You attract what you desire by imagining what you want and feeling the joy, peace and gratitude for having it. - JN
Relationships are not a paved road or a calm sea. The bumps and waves invite us to find our individual strength and transform together. -JN
The purpose of our relationships is to challenge each other to evolve, not necessarily for instant gratification. - JN
How would you like to be filled? http://t.co/fu1T8QiljJ
Stepping into your power is: speaking your truth and moving through limitations. How can you step into your power today? - JN
“10 Steps to Manifest Loving Relationships” to attract a partner or renew your relationship. Included is my LOVE TEST http://t.co/vUNDPO24Y8
Manifest Your Dreams Exercise: Create a vision board of your grandest vision. Let go of doubts and watch it come true! - JN
Your judgment of another person is actually your judgment of yourself. See what this is reflecting back to you, release and let go. - JN
Honor the individuality of you and your partner by creating space or alone time in your relationship. - JN
Dating is an important step to refine the truth of what we are looking for in a partner. - JN
Honoring a relationship opportunity is being transparent at all times with your truth, not putting on a "show" because you just met. - JN
Accept all parts of yourself so that you can experience unity with God, for God is within every part of you under the law of oneness - JN
Yes you are! http://t.co/30iFwnFrWf
Discipline from love, acceptance and understanding, instead of blaming, proving and judgment. - JN
When you do not accept all parts of you, you separate from yourself and it feels like a separation from your soul and God. – JN
Do not water down your soul's voice for anyone or anything. Allow this loving and peaceful voice to interact with everyone. - JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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