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“Protection” is a belief protecting us from a belief. Instead, focus on what you do want to experience. – JN
Advice from spirit: “It’s always better to stop, retreat, rest and come back stronger than to push through and burn out or blowup.” Agree?
It's not about where you have been, but where you are now. - JN
People tend to conform to the status quo to feel acceptable. Let your acceptance come from within. - JN
Spiritual healing is when Spirit uses your body as a vessel to bring through healing energy to yourself or another. - JN
Listen more to your intuition, even if it means changing your relationships and lifestyle. - JN
Reevaluate your relationship if your partner disrespects your truth. Disagreement and respect are compatible. - JN
It’s time to bring attention that we are one in the same, part of an inseparable chain of love. - JN
Low energy equals condensed, contracted energy. Take a breath and open up. - JN
Let not your status, looks or background control your friendliness with others. - JN
No transition needs to feel jagged or painful for anyone; allow harmony and grace to emanate. - JN
It’s important for us to role-model authenticity to children by being a living example of it. - JN
If you do the same things, you’ll get the same things. - JN
Living from your Soul allows you to manifest your dreams and create a true shift on this planet, to PURE LOVE and WORLD PEACE. - JN
Rather than being concerned about what others think about what you say, let your self-expression be meaningful to you. - JN
If you're with someone based on them changing, it's not love. - JN
Love doesn’t begin or end, it is infinite. . . you are love. - JN
Realize your soul's power and you will rise above your greatest vision. - JN
Peace is from within, created by your willingness to accept yourself. - JN
Love is absolute, unconditional acceptance. You either love someone or you don't. There is no in-between. - JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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