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Stepping into your power is: speaking your truth and moving through limitations. How can you step into your power today? - JN
“10 Steps to Manifest Loving Relationships” to attract a partner or renew your relationship. Included is my LOVE TEST http://t.co/vUNDPO24Y8
Manifest Your Dreams Exercise: Create a vision board of your grandest vision. Let go of doubts and watch it come true! - JN
Your judgment of another person is actually your judgment of yourself. See what this is reflecting back to you, release and let go. - JN
Honor the individuality of you and your partner by creating space or alone time in your relationship. - JN
Dating is an important step to refine the truth of what we are looking for in a partner. - JN
Honoring a relationship opportunity is being transparent at all times with your truth, not putting on a "show" because you just met. - JN
Accept all parts of yourself so that you can experience unity with God, for God is within every part of you under the law of oneness - JN
Yes you are! http://t.co/30iFwnFrWf
Discipline from love, acceptance and understanding, instead of blaming, proving and judgment. - JN
When you do not accept all parts of you, you separate from yourself and it feels like a separation from your soul and God. – JN
Do not water down your soul's voice for anyone or anything. Allow this loving and peaceful voice to interact with everyone. - JN
When we are born into a human body, we are born into this lifetime that our soul has chosen for us. - JN
Who is more wise - adults or children? Read my brief perspective on the question, "Does wisdom come with age?" http://t.co/7to2tcA4DA
Death is no end, but simply a return to the Spirit World from whence our soul came, part of our eternal existence. - JN
Las Vegas Free In-Person Event on Spiritual Communication 10/30/14 >> Register Here: http://t.co/M7R4kva9ev
Channeling & Healing with Spirit with me and #Krystalya on #A2Zen.fm Monday 10/6, at 9pm EST. Go here to learn more: http://t.co/7MFB1I6J4P
Have you discovered a hidden part of yourself recently? http://t.co/ieUJdf3CgA
Relationship Inspiration Exercise: Create a list of everything that inspires you in your relationship and then put more energy there. - JN
In reconnecting with our spiritual nature we begin to realize the complete and perpetual love we have for all that is. Breathe this in..- JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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