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Pull up your anchor so your ship may sail free with the ebb and flow of spirit. - JN
Let your inspiration and love carry you rather than your fear. - JN
Our lifetime is a small part of our soul's total destiny, but it can have a heavier impact than all the others combined. - JN
Monitor your self-talk. Believe you are empowered to change your life experience and you will. - JN
Let happiness be based on being not performing. - JN
Love and compassion is the alchemy of your soul. - JN
If we are ungrounded, our soul may not use the experiences we were not present for. - JN
It's not about where you are going, but how you feel about where you are now. - JN
Las Vegas for March 14th & 15th weekend program to become a medium & voice channel your spiritual guidance http://t.co/qcXIsR2Pky
It’s not a matter of if we accept, but when we accept our higher calling. - JN
Maturity is found when one clears their personality enough to allow a crack of light to shine from their soul. - JN
Love is the energy of creation and is the consistent creative force that never changes. - JN
If you’d like to meet your spiritual guidance, get direction & more love in your life, PM me and I can give you more info.
Have you met your spirit guides, Angels, God, or higher self? It is fascinating to meet the loving beings that are guiding us!
Our intuition is our compass guiding us through life to fulfill our highest purpose. - JN
If someone is always on your mind, it does not necessarily mean that you love them or that you are meant to be with them. - JN
Let go of what you know so you may go further and reach higher . . . Trust . . . - JN
Interested in speaking w/ a deceased loved one? I am always moved when students in my 1st workshop voice channel their deceased loved one.
Exercising daily, drinking plenty of water and healthy living are aspects of your life that contribute to your soul alignment.
When you find yourself in a difficult moment, stop what you are doing & be still w/ spirit to help you move into complete love. -JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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