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How to Heal Tip #3: Bring God in to heal your physical, mental and emotional body. -JN
How to Heal Tip #2: Stretch and listen to what your physical body needs. –JN
How to Heal Tip #1: Ground your consciousness into the present moment. –JN
experience at http://t.co/M7R4kva9ev. Today is your last chance for the most discounted tickets, until Midnight Eastern Time. Join us!
You can get your own guidance and heal with spirit physically, mentally and emotionally in my two-day workshop
Who benefits from guidance and healing from their spirit guides and deceased loved ones? I’ll tell you, everybody! http://t.co/rroVc40cRm
Our soul truly thrives through witnessing our transformation from ego-based living to soul-based living. -JN
The people, places & things that inspire, uplift & deepen the spiritual goals our soul created serves our greater goals. –JN
Unlike our soul, our personality has a limit to what it can absorb & integrate each day emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.–JN
Our soul’s capacity to absorb experiences in each moment of life is astounding and unlimited.
Choosing to make fulfilling our purpose the ultimate priority, we position ourselves into 100% alignment with divine guidance. -JN
Go to http://t.co/M7R4kva9ev to learn more and choose the location and date that works best for you!
Spirit will show you a life beyond what you could ask for or imagine…and you can have it, and most of all you deserve it.
These workshops teach you how to voice channel yourself so you can receive your own guidance and healing from spirit.
without receiving direct, clear guidance by voice channeling! Through July 1st I am offering a special discount on my program.
My mind is blown every day by what spirit shows me!
Spirit is helping us in every moment. But when they come in and help us directly. . . boy does our life change in the most magical way...
Ultimate peace is found where subtle peace is inspired. Think of it as subtle peace opening your heart to love. –JN
Be bold with who you are, be bold with why you are here and let everyone know clearly the purpose you have on the planet. –JN
It cannot see the unseeable or know the unknowable. Therefore it must be released from time to time. -JN

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Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.

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