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Man burns two piglets, claims 4 daughters died in fire for insurance claim yet there were only 5 bones https://t.co/BudEITM75A
Yesterday, we made sure our client received 20percent more than their insurance company wanted to pay them https://t.co/N1CcFWMRHo
@EngrishPorice Of course I did....I had brain fade
Most employee mistakes are accidental. Stealing from a charity didn't bother this lady one little bit https://t.co/E22djGbZHE
Concerned about an interruption to your business? There are three basic types of physical business interruptions https://t.co/PExtunKPzF
Claire wasn't 100 per cent certain that what she had paid for would actually do what she wanted. We got the call https://t.co/hpH1b29xYg
Why are your car premiums so high? Just 9 leading underwriting groups represent 31 different brands in the UK. https://t.co/jXwpI0u5Pw
How to avoid the impact of a "Telling"​ Culture on your organisation. Thanks to @AdaptiveIC https://t.co/RR1wYXNbZA
Staff are more prevalent than hackers. Train them well, give them confidence and reduce risk at the same time https://t.co/O2CnQiRqyH
Stop droning on? Here is the 45 page guidance document relating to drones, privacy and data protection rules
If you already had ransomware, would the insurance you buy next week protect you when the data ransom note arrived? https://t.co/FGsRZLEV6c
Facebook bans surveillance yet only the law abiding will tow the line. Does this impact on HR tools? https://t.co/Q0l5liTTVO
Uber hide in the US and continue the fight to increase your car insurance rates and avoid safety rules https://t.co/2jMgIcNnlK
Banks were paying 50percent commission to staff that sold Insurance. Are they still doing that? Probably.... https://t.co/SpobqtfnkL
Just had a FREE 08 call and avoided #onhold queue at a #callcentre with FREE https://t.co/nDPjKxrrzE APP! Saved £41.67 so far :)
.@Shopify @tobi: 150,000+ of us are asking: will you stop doing business w/ Breitbart? #DeleteShopify https://t.co/R11BkJWmA1
The Data regulator will be imposing fines because it's employees will not get paid if it doesn't https://t.co/02FogZpvmv
Forget the word cyber and ask yourself what could happen that would cause irreversible damage to a brand? https://t.co/UHFLEqPMXG
Lost customers or business data, data accessibility and harm to data topped the list of IT risks for FD's and owners https://t.co/C6k807Zxnf
Crash for cash manslaughter defendants try to nobble jury. After being part of two deaths, bribery attempt foiled https://t.co/Jlmd11KPG7

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