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@RealMarkLatham Put down the schooner and pick up your meds Mark. We've spoken about this before.
@RealMarkLatham Great crowd for your last talk Mark. Apart from the cameraman, anyone under 70? https://t.co/GVKYo1Don2
@LyleShelton @SkyNewsAust Tell us again where all the young godly people are at the back. I think you'll find it's… https://t.co/B5tpFzLjlH
@ESIaustralia "Thanks for pointing out I have no idea what I'm talking about". Fixed it for you.
@adam_voigt @RealMarkLatham First two replies were literally from students who proved him wrong. Where's the cash Mark?
@LyleShelton There really is no lie that you won't tell.
@CarolineNorma76 @LyleShelton Church just can't help telling women what they can and can't do with their bodies
@patstokes @shenmaxiu @helwels @midsomerplots This cromulent tweet embiggens us all.
@TheBlotReport @RealMarkLatham Such Outsider. Much Rebel.
@coopesdetat Also, you know, a fairytale. So, yeah. Lyle's got this.
@RealMarkLatham You have a show? Doesn't your six figure parliamentary pension pay the bills?
It's almost like, with the first ever tweet, he foresaw the coming of @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/s2MtfvZ1vI
@RealMarkLatham Nobody can be this stupid, Biff. This must be some sort of perverted performance art. Bravo!
@MollyIsles @RossCameron4 You misspelled "alt-right shitlords".
@DooleyNodscom 15 women who've accused Donald Trump of sexual assault: https://t.co/al9PtR69Qq
@LyleShelton Enunciate all the different ways you want to keep hurting people, and we'll go from there.
@AmandaMarcotte I first heard rap in '87. Don't claim it was invented then simply by me hearing it for first time t… https://t.co/Ov9XTo1U7G
@Approximation_1 @AmandaMarcotte Not dissing 2Pac. Just the culture.
@Approximation_1 @AmandaMarcotte Agree completely. Sublime era until the world discovered 2Pac in 93/94 and corpora… https://t.co/dnxUifbJKi
@Approximation_1 @AmandaMarcotte Fear of a Black Planet and Apocalypse 91 most seminal rap albums of all time. I'm… https://t.co/uvqvnvveJC

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