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Duck you! https://t.co/jeVjRURvVt
@AnnCoulter @Delta You'll do anything to stay relevant
@thebayle @keeferooni and I log into twitter merely for this cognitive balancing and critical thinking skills 8=D
@thebayle Camels, pyramids.....are you in Egypt?!
@bravee1 I saw him. He flew 400 feet over me right by Andrews AFB this afternoon
I hate traffic.
Am I really supposed to believe that Sandra Bullock's Speeding bus hits a stroller full of aluminum cans? #speed
Finish line priorities: cold beer. @MillerCoors @ATLtrackclub https://t.co/RXk9q5YlGP
I think Sung Kang's caddy will be out of a job in about an hour. #QuickenLoansNational
@espn for some reason putting Kyle Stanley with a hole in one on 17, but he hit it right, into the rough. https://t.co/Pojm2THGTR
This has been a hell of a stressful day.
@KendylFire Calm down nobody likes you
@thebayle This is why I come to twitter
Yeah about that 🤔 #LivePD https://t.co/SrmUjvTYqb
Don't live #OTP. Problem solved. https://t.co/bHXZrAZsCB
@thebayle My dishes are disproportionately cleaner on the sabbath
its been a long day friendo
2am wake up call 😭
@AmazonHelp this is a really silly dialog and confusing. Why do I need to choose a reason here if it is a rental th… https://t.co/sk2JnNL0zm

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