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As #SteveAlbini 's views on the #music industry are still valid, Jamendo is more than ever a solution for musicians… https://t.co/JBGCPAakKj
A melting pot of genres delivered via an fuzzed out wall-of-sound: @Francis_Wolves ain’t your typical #funk band!… https://t.co/8potvZRp5f
When we share #music, we create more #value. Learn more about @creativecommons in this great #video from @Wikipedia https://t.co/HQO1Mm5a28
You can be proud of this great achievement, congratulations! Wish you well on Jamendo Music! https://t.co/v2OXPOX3u0
@AdamSinger @Jimminy We believe our model based on #free #culture is the future of #music.Feel free to get in touch! https://t.co/DXsH8abOZw
Watch this live sneak-peek performance of "Mama Cried" from @NikiJCrawford 's forthcoming record "The Second Truth"… https://t.co/npyOJh7hip
Straight from #Sweden: The Moose hits the bullseye with fantastic #pop bangers and high-end production!… https://t.co/MHUJf1sLgV
@morganskiller Thanks for the mention! Enjoy our #independent #music ;) https://t.co/8g0IHT1xj7
@johnwaynx well, @sigurros would be welcome ;) Meanwhile you should check some #ambient music from @tunguskaems! https://t.co/FLsC5Dqg8u
@Dave_Draws Agreed, @JamalGreenMusic has created an inspiring soundtrack, a perfect fit for @ThinMatrix 's last game Equilinox!
@volodymyr_ch Please email us at talk-to-us@jamendo.com, we'll get in touch with you asap ;) Have a nice day!
@kevetoile Voici notre sélection dédiée à ce type de musique libre, on est là pour vous aider si jamais ! https://t.co/US59b1FOMu
RT @mattconfusion: Thanks to the @Jamendo user base for over 40.000 plays last month! "Pride" top in #singersongwriter playlist! https://t.…
@David_SanRoA Nice job guys, thank you for using our music!
1st #AlbinAndersson #video for "Blind", a #live performance in an old factory in #Berlin: https://t.co/aViOvHsqEq
Our own #ValentinesDay moment: new #partnership with the Spanish Sports Trade Association @ASECODE! Read the story:… https://t.co/IbgDRLQFpC
@aquinox Oh yes. Congrats! You’ll always get more plays than on #Soundcloud. Credit goes to our #community! https://t.co/50TTAibSP6
@iGeebz You're welcome, always proud to promote talented artists! https://t.co/zZdTiTb4FY
RT @JamalGreenMusic: The Equilinox Soundtrack is up on @Jamendo! It's free to download - Be sure to leave me a comment! 😘 https://t.co/UY5B…
@nova6k0 You're very welcome, it's always a pleasure to see such positive feedback! https://t.co/U8oz0VxKa8

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