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@realgranthill33 ok we've started drinking game of knocking one back when you say "attack" we're getting hammered
"Father & Friend Optimist Pledge " https://t.co/m7GkLC0X3r by @jaclarge on @LinkedIn
Recording #13: https://t.co/pTO3QGNlEA via @YouTube
Copy of Reiss Metal products: https://t.co/kRAaFSGAf6 via @YouTube
Recording #12: https://t.co/82mXPZHDii via @YouTube
@SeanWTHR appreciate you keeping even keel on snow. Be accurate, that's the ticket long term. You're a pro
RT @KentSterling: Breakfast with Kent - Can't wait for tonight's @Pacers v @Cavs game. @ButlerMBB wins. https://t.co/jOzauSO7b8
RT @KentSterling: Worst #SuperBowl ever. #iubb loses. @Pacers tonight! https://t.co/METNcnid31
@KentSterling nice show on wish TV he kind of left you out at the end. No white pants til May 😀
Check out this photo by Joe Large: https://t.co/95Fh0WCDsG Take and discover photos on EyeEm. For iPhone and Android.
@KentSterling @periscopeco all aboard 😀
@Crown_Liquors do you have 14 hands wine at Southport rd store.?
@sunglasswarehse I did not know that, just the blue no magnified
@sunglasswarehse how about computer screen glasses seeing marketing of glasses that assure wearer less strain on computer screen?
Orpheum Museum is learning fun and a great place for small boy's parties https://t.co/13Tv1Bvz8b
“ intentionally marry functionality with delight and strive to go beyond the good enough.” Bernadette Jiwa, this we… https://t.co/Oa1zu0Jjry
The flag flies low for heroes that died not so long ago https://t.co/GH1Ym0Z5Oi
@KentSterling what about you stay on to keep a deep dark secret covered up aka Joe Paw yes I'm being darkly speculative but that's internet
@KentSterling congratulations Kent that is an accomplishment. Put it to the big stations

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