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Microsoft Lifecycles, Windows End of Support
Why a Disk Witness is Better than a File-Share Witness
iRangers - #1 Team of Certified and Experienced IT Professionals in Canada: Dear Community,  I am excited to ...
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“The attempt to connect to http://server/PowerShell using “Kerberos” authentication failed” :
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How to Re-Create ECP Virtual Directory in Exchange 2013
VMDK Has Left the Building – Write Access:
Why monopolies and commoditization would pollute the cloud
StarWind - Upgrading from v5.8 to v6
Checked in at Deseo Bistro
Live Migrate VMs on Shutdown in Windows 2012 (Hyper-V 3.0): Back in the days, I've published here the "Improve y...
Live Migrate VMs on Shutdown in Windows 2012 (Hyper-V 3.0)
RT @4sysops: Windows Management Framework 3.0 Available for Download!
RT @virtualization: Migrate virtual machines from a VMware environment to Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 using a free, simple, stand... ...
Checked in at Calgary Airport
TeamViewer alternative. Why would we need another one: I know, I know. There is already too many remote access t...
TeamViewer alternative. Why would we need another one

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IT Network Administrator and IT Consultant. Certifications in Microsoft, VMWARE and CITRIX, including MCSE, MCITP, VCP, CCA. Pro. Skills: Hype-V, App-V, ESX.
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