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@RichLoPresti thanks!
Excited to be heading to ARMA in D.C. next week. If you're there come say hello!
@juliecolgan Well, then, you *must* come by :) You're talking to Chase Reeves now, I'll see you there. Looking forward to your thoughts.
@juliecolgan also, we'll be at ARMA with Reed Tech – if you're there, come by and we'll show you in person.
@juliecolgan We're developing a *big* remodel of our social media admin/mgmt view. Also, what kind of ECM integration are you looking for?
@juliecolgan If you have any specific questions about our tech, methods, workflow, etc., I'd love to fill you in. (cont)
Notification 11-39: FINRA's only getting more and more serious about maintaining records of web content ==>
@nbr Sure thing!
@nbr We apologize for the delay! We do have that slated for development, though.
We have done some updates to our site! Check it out:
RT @siliconflorist: Is that @lexisnexis in your @iterasi archives or are you just happy to see me?
Iterasi Blog: Announcing Our Partnership With Reed Tech/LexisNexis
Iterasi Blog: Interest In Records Management Rises
Iterasi Blog: Deleted Facebook Information Allowed In Court
RT @siliconflorist: This is going down on your permanent (federal) record: @Iterasi partners with NTIS
Thanks to everyone for all the kind words regarding our partnership with NTIS! We're excited about this!
Iterasi Blog: Announcing An Iterasi Partnership With NTIS
Iterasi Blog: The Balance Of E-Discovery: Thoroughness & Cost
Iterasi Blog: Judge Grimm On Spoliation: A "Must-Read" e-Discovery Case
In case you missed it: Social Networking & Worker’s Compensation Law

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