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@shuether: the RDP server is a default value which is added when missing.
@chrisatzinger: have you contacted our support regarding crash?
@Nick_Lowe sorry - missed your message. Have you updated? Do you experience the same issue? If yes please:
@atlauren thank you for supporting us :)!
iTap mobile #RDP upate 1.10.2 is available for iOS with a few fixes. Upgrade now:
iTap mobile #RDP update available for #Android: redesign of the "Edit" views and the bookmark credentials management
iTap mobile #RDP update available for #Android. New feature: Share Gateways between bookmarks now.
@betaporter your post on our app = perfect start for a Monday!
Users of #iTap mobile #RDP for #iOS v. 1.10.0 connecting to Windows 8: follow this link for Win8 gestures:
#Update of iTap mobile RDP for iOS v. 1.10.0: highlihgts of this version are Windows 8 gesture support and support of Windows 8 Remote FX
@atlauren this feature is planned for one of our next releases.
New #Release of iTap mobile RDP for #Android. Version 1.5.1 offers now stylus/#Samsung s-pen support......see more:
#Update to Version iTap mobile #RDP 1.1.9 on #Mac: stability fixes to TSG connections, auto-detection of security level,.....
@TraceTrance: we are working on a larger update. If you would like to share any other feature requests:
#Android Update: iTap mobile RDP 1.5.0 available with RD Web Access and RemoteApp trial:
@XavMP this is what we love to hear!
@JinOhChoi please send our support more information on when the error appears:
Happy holidays everyone!
@marcelliotnet thank you for your feedback!
@JinOhChoi thank you for your question. This feature will be introduced next year...more info will follow...

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